Watch: Kang Dong Won And Lee Jung Hyun Battle For Survival In Zombie-Infested Korea In

The upcoming film “Peninsula” has released another trailer!

“Peninsula” is the sequel to the 2016 hit zombie horror film “Train to Busan.” Four years have passed since the events in the first film, and Korea is in ruins, overrun by zombies.

The action-packed trailer shares a peek at the thrilling plot. It starts off with Kang Dong Won asking, “Are you crazy? You want us to go in there again?” He’s referring to the zombie-infested area that they must trespass in order to obtain something that will earn them lots of money.

Kang Dong Won and his two companions enter the area, but they’re not expecting an ambush by both rabid zombies and sinister humans. Kang Dong Won is fortunately saved by Lee Jung Hyun and her crew. However, his companions aren’t so lucky as they are captured by the soldiers of Unit 631 who were originally on a mission to protect people but eventually lost their humanity and reason, leaving only instinct and barbarism that made them more threatening than zombies.

Now Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun must wage war against both zombies and humans in order to stay alive.

Watch the trailer below!

“Peninsula” will premiere in July.

In the meantime, watch “Train to Busan” with English subtitles below:

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