PENTAGON’s Jinho Writes Heartfelt Letter From Military About “Road To Kingdom” And More

PENTAGON’s Jinho penned a handwritten letter to his fans while training in the military!

On June 17, PENTAGON shared a heartfelt letter from Jinho, who is currently fulfilling his mandatory service after enlisting last month. The idol, who is in the midst of training at the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong Province, provided a welcome update on his life in the military and how he’s adjusted to his new surroundings.

Jinho also expressed his love and support for his bandmates, as well as his gratitude to their fans, as PENTAGON prepares for the live finale of Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom.”

Read Jinho’s full letter below:

Dear Universe [PENTAGON’s official fandom],

Hello! I don’t know when this letter will find its way to you, but I hope you receive it before the final round [of “Road to Kingdom”]! I’m working hard and training diligently! I’m a little sunburnt (and it looks a little funny because I have tan lines from my mask), but I’m eating well and doing well. (Hehe, I’ve gained weight.)

I received your overflowing love through your letters, packages, and internet letters (which really made me feel like a rich man, hehe) as I spent the past month training happily! I heard all about how the [PENTAGON] members are doing well! Yay, [PENTAGON] is doing well! To my fellow members, who must have toiled away while appearing on “Road to Kingdom”; to Universe, who worked so, so hard to cheer us on; and even to new Universe who have just joined us! Thank you, and you’ve worked hard.

I’ve learned how to fall asleep even when it’s a little noisy, how to go back to sleep right away if I wake up in the middle of the night, how to shower in seven minutes, how to read 10 books in five weeks (and also how to do what you’re told without thinking, “Why?” …hehe). Oh! Also, guns, grenades, and first-aid. At any rate, I’ve become a stronger version of myself.

Of course, I’d be really happy if [PENTAGON] did well on the 18th and made it onto “Kingdom,” but even if we don’t, it’s okay. We all did a good job and worked hard. [It’s okay] because people knew that we did a good job in terms of our music and performances, and they knew we were sincere!

You’ll keep a close eye on us in the future as well, right?! I hear that the coronavirus is gaining a second wind… until a full cure is discovered, let’s all be careful and make sure to avoid places with lots of people, even if it’s a bit frustrating, okay?! Promise! When I’m allowed to buy a cell phone, I’ll update you [on how I’m doing]. Please don’t skip meals or get sick, and please stay well. I really love you. (Ugh, I failed at drawing a heart.)

From Jinho, who is thinking of Universe at his training center.

The finale of “Road to Kingdom” will air live on June 18 at 8 p.m. KST.

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