SEVENTEEN Talks About Changing Concepts, Families' Reaction To New Album, And More

On June 23, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino appeared as guests on the KBS Cool FM radio show “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza.”

During the show, the SEVENTEEN members talked about the group’s latest comeback with the EP “Heng:garæ” and title track “Left & Right.”

Seungkwan said, “In youth, you stand at the crossroads of many choices. It’s a time when you have a lot of thoughts about your life. We wanted to make an album that could give youth the comfort and support that only SEVENTEEN could give. That message is included most strongly in the title track.”

He added, “Our previous comeback was a dark concept, this time it’s a refreshing concept. We thought a lot about which one fans would like.”

Vernon said, “We were excited the first time we heard it. We could see ourselves making a comeback in this kind of style.”

Seungkwan said, “We like to show our families the song before it’s released, but this time we didn’t because we were afraid they would think it was weaker [than the last comeback]. But as soon as they heard it, they said, ‘This is crazy. This is amazing.'”

Dino said, “My father is a dancer, so he has a lot of interest in dance music. I showed him a version that hadn’t been mixed yet, and he said that this one was it. I feel a sense of pride in that it was acknowledged by the people closest to me.”

The three members were asked to pick their most influential member. Seungkwan picked Dino, and Vernon and Dino picked Seungkwan. Vernon said, “Seungkwan organizes the team a lot.” Dino said, “He takes care of others and participates actively in brainstorming meetings.”

Seungkwan said, “Dino notices right away if it seems like we’re slacking in practice. He says something like, ‘Instead of thinking about how much you want to go home, I’d like it if we could get it right before leaving.’ He’s cute, but you can’t say anything in response. Dino works so hard that even if the rest of us are doing well, we can’t be satisfied.”

Dino said, “I said that in the mindset that we have to work harder when there’s so many people who are waiting to see our performances. I didn’t say that because the other members weren’t practicing.” Dino, who is the youngest member, said that the older members felt like friends as well as brothers, and picked Hoshi and Vernon as the older members who felt most like his friends.

Seungkwan then made the studio laugh with his latest concern. “I think I’m becoming more and more old-school,” he said. “Not in a bad way, but in a nice way.” Jung Eun Ji observed, “That’s something for the people around you to judge,” and Vernon said, “That was exactly what we wanted to hear. Thank you very much.”

SEVENTEEN’s “Heng:garæ” recently topped iTunes charts around the world. Check out their comeback show here!

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