Producing director (PD) Heo Hang from the MBC reality show “Don’t Be Jealous” recently sat down for an interview with OSEN to talk about Hyerim and Shin Min Chul’s recent wedding shoot episode.

In the episode, Hyerim and Shin Min Chul dressed in wedding attire and took beautiful themed photos together. Wonder Girls also made an appearance as they recorded messages of support and playful fun for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

PD Heo Hang said, “As the viewers have recognized, Hyerim looked very beautiful in her wedding dress. Shin Min Chul’s reaction on the show was genuine.” The PD added that the wedding shoot was not something arranged by the show. “They had already prepared the shoot as part of their wedding plans,” he said. “It wasn’t something that they did for the program.”

He added, “Shin Min Chul told the production staff that he wanted to do a proposal event.” In Korea, proposals are often done as a special event after the couple has already decided to get married. “We moved as far away on the set as possible and Hyerim and Shin Min Chul enjoyed their event in private.”

About the Wonder Girls cameo, Heo Hang said, “Hyerim had told us in the past that she remained close with the Wonder Girls members. Ahn So Hee is busy working as an actress, so she doesn’t appear on variety shows very often, and the other members are also busy with their individual careers, so it was hard to get them together in one room.”

He continued, “However, Hyerim suggested that it would be nice to see the members again before her marriage. We asked the members about it, and they said, ‘If it’s to congratulate Hyerim on her marriage, then we’ll do it.'” As seen in the preview, Wonder Girls will join Hyerim in the next episode of “Don’t Be Jealous.”

The PD also shared that the show is in talks for a second season. “We’ve just started discussions,” he said. “Depending on when the second season launches, the couples from the first season might appear again, or new couples might appear. There are couples who are ending their ‘dating’ period because they are getting married, so there will be new couples on the show.”

“Don’t Be Jealous” is an observation reality program in which a panel of MCs observe celebrity couples who have gone public with their relationships.

Check out the latest episode below!

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