12 Fashionable Doctors That Bring Style To Medical K-Dramas

Only in K-dramas can you find doctors that are so expressive when it comes to their style in and out of their daily hospital uniform. They redefine what a “lab gown” should mean as they match theirs with designer clothes and head-to-toe dapper and glam. Here are some of the most fashionable medical professionals in dramas who might have made going to clinics or hospitals just a little bit easier if they had been our doctors:

Doctor Ji Sun Woo from “The World of the Married”

Who can forget the phenomenal performance of Kim Hee Ae as Doctor Ji Sun Woo in “The World of the Married?” She walked away from her terrible husband in heels and showed us what an empowered, confident, and strong woman is as she fought hard for her life, her son’s life, and her career. Here she wore all the latest designer clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes. They say the best revenge is to show them your life is better after they’re gone—and Doctor Ji is living proof that class and composure never runs out of style.


Doctor Yoo Hye Jung in “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye played a sassy and smart doctor who also has a good sense of style. She complimented her white coat with feminine pieces and loud prints, and off work, she wore a sophisticated, mature style that still looked professional.

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Doctor Gye Gun Sang in “Hi Bye Mama”

Oh Eui Sik played a vain psychiatrist who loves to post his on-duty OOTDs (outfit of the day) on his social media accounts. He has quirky style with a big personality, and he brought in the much-needed laughs in the otherwise touching, sad melodrama. But despite his antics, there’s no doubt that he’s a great dad and a loving husband!

Doctor Han Hae Joon from “Doctor Stranger

Cool, impeccably dressed, and sharp-witted, Park Hae Jin brought to life Doctor Han in this thriller medical drama also starring Lee Jong Suk. Here, he was often seen wearing well-coordinated suits with a variety of colored and printed ties that added some fun to his daily uniform.

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Doctor Jin Seo Woo in “Doctors”

Lee Sung Kyung was the ultimate girl crush as a young doctor who has a knack for wearing light colors and pastels with her white coat. Her outfits were always fresh, pretty, and she lit up the hospital room with her sweet smile.


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Doctor Kang Mo Yeon in “Descendants of the Sun

Song Hye Kyo embodied the minimalist, effortlessly chic style of Doctor Kang Mo Yeon in one of the biggest K-dramas of all time. Her outfits were easy, comfortable, yet still cute—perfect for her action-filled duty of saving lives.

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Doctor Kim Hae Kyung in “Dinner Mate”

Song Seung Heon plays a charming psychiatrist who captures everyone’s attention wherever he goes. In “Dinner Mate,” he wears modern, trendy suits mixed with casual pieces, making viewers swoon with his handsome looks.

The Doctors of “Hospital Playlist”

These doctor-friends (Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, Jeon Mi Do) brought retro fashion back in “Hospital Playlist” as they reminisced on the past. Throughout the years, they navigated the testy waters of love, life, and work, and their fashion in the present showed how much they had grown as individuals and how their styles had evolved.

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