Update: Lee Tae Hwan And Lee Yi Kyung In Talks To Join New Historical Drama Alongside Kwon Nara And Kim Myung Soo

Updated July 24 KST:

Lee Tae Hwan is now also in talks for “New Secret Royal Inspector” (working title)!

A source from his agency told Hankook Ilbo on July 23 that the actor has received a casting offer for the drama and is positively in talks for it.

Earlier that day, a news outlet reported that Lee Tae Hwan will be taking the role of Sung Yi Beom, the head of a group of robbers and half-brother of Sung Yi Gyeom, the titular royal inspector.

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We may be seeing Lee Yi Kyung in a new drama soon!

On June 30, a source from Lee Yi Kyung’s agency HB Entertainment responded to reports about him appearing in a new historical drama and said, “It’s true that Lee Yi Kyung has received an offer to appear in ‘New Secret Royal Inspector’ and he is currently looking over the role.”

“New Secret Royal Inspector” will tell the story of the secret royal inspector, a position unique to the Joseon Dynasty. Secret royal inspectors were government officials who were specially appointed by the king and dispatched incognito to local provinces to hear the stories of the people and monitor officials for corruption. They provided the public with a voice and became the king’s eyes and ears, but could not reveal their true selves. The heroic achievements of secret royal inspectors are a close representation of the justice sought by many people in modern-day society.

According to the reports, Lee Yi Kyung has been offered the role of Park Choon Sam, an innocent youth who is full of chatter, affection, and tears. If he takes on the role, it will be his first drama appearance in approximately a year since tvN’s short drama “Wife’s Bed.” Kim Myung Soo and Kwon Nara are also in talks to join the drama.

Stay tuned for more updates and while you wait, check out Lee Yi Kyung in the 2019 drama “Welcome to Waikiki S2“!

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