JYPE Apologizes To DAY6’s Jae And Fans Following Misunderstandings Over Lack Of Support For His Content

JYP Entertainment has apologized in a statement regarding Jae’s complaints about lack of support for his content.

On June 29, Jae responded to a tweet from DAY6’s official Twitter account about content from a fellow member to ask why the account doesn’t also repost his own personal content. The next day, he went on to ask why there are never reposts of his content such as his podcast, web series, or recent collaboration. Jae also questioned why another member was able to create YouTube content with support and funds from the company while Jae ended up putting an end to his YouTube channel because he was told that people at the company didn’t view it favorably.

Later on June 30, Jae posted again to say that he’d spoken with the agency and realized that there had been many misunderstandings. JYP Entertainment also told news outlets that they’d cleared up misunderstandings about the matter.

On July 1, JYP Entertainment elaborated on the issue through a statement for DAY6’s fans My Day. It reads as follows:

Hello, this is JYPE.

First, we bow our heads in apology to the My Day who must have been very surprised and worried because of the content of posts uploaded to Jae’s social media recently, and we are conveying the company’s statement regarding this matter.

1. As an artist’s official social media account is a window for close communication with all of you fans, the department in charge manages it very carefully. Social media notices about artists’ content such as those mentioned by Jae are carried out according to set internal regulations and procedures. However, while we should be putting those regulations in place with flexibility after considering the characteristics of each item of content, we were unable to do that, and also this caused the feeling that there was discriminatory treatment between the members. We have apologized to the artist for causing such very unfortunate misunderstandings. We also apologize to the fans and ask for your understanding.

2. In regard to the issue regarding the production of Jae’s personal content, we inform you that we have resolved misunderstandings and settled this through discussion with the artist. As mentioned above, we had absolutely no intention of discriminating between the members regarding the production of content, however, regardless of that it was our company’s fault for making it possible for the artist to misunderstand the situation.

We are deeply aware of our error and feel responsibility for not recognizing these issues and communicating with the artist in advance, and we once again apologize to everyone who was disappointed and worried because of this. We will take this as a lesson so that in the future we will pay more attention and communicate better with our artist.

Thank you to My Day, who always supports DAY6.

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