What To Anticipate In The Second Half Of “Once Again”

KBS 2TV’s “Once Again” is gearing up for the second half of the drama!

Recently, “Once Again” reached a new all-time high in viewership ratings when it scored 28.5 percent and 32.2 percent for its two parts. The popular drama also ranked as the No. 2 buzzworthy drama for the fourth week of June according to Good Data Corporation.


Below are three points to look out for as “Once Again” enters its second half!

Yoon Gyu Jin’s decision

In order to stop hating each other any further, Song Na Hee (Lee Min Jung) and Yoon Gyu Jin (Lee Sang Yeob) decided on getting a divorce, and they each tried their own methods to move on from the other. Song Na Hee began to date Lee Jung Rok (Alex), and Yoon Gyu Jin showed support for their relationship. However, Yoon Gyu Jin belatedly realized his true feelings when Yoo Bo Young (Son Sung Yoon) asked, “You still love Song Na Hee, don’t you?” Viewers are curious to discover what path Yoon Gyu Jin will take in the future and whether Yoon Gyu Jin and Song Na Hee will be able to be happy again together like they were in the past.

Da Hee and Jae Suk’s secret relationship

Following their fateful encounter, Song Da Hee (Lee Cho Hee) and Yoon Jae Suk (Lee Sang Yi) began their sweet relationship. However, the two have been dating in secret since they are ex-in-laws. Nonetheless, the upcoming episode previewed romantic scenes between the two as Song Da Hee enjoys her campus life. Viewers are excited to see if the couple will be able to keep their relationship a secret and what other refreshing stories will result from the upcoming episodes.

Yeon Hong’s arrival at Yongjoo market

In addition to the romance, viewers have tuned into the drama to watch the stories of the vendors at Yongjoo market. With the market being full of diverse people and stories, viewers are excited to learn more about the relationship between Song Young Dal (Chun Ho Jin) and Kang Cho Yeon (Lee Jung Eun), who appear to be siblings. Furthermore, more mysteries were added when Yeon Hong (Jo Mi Ryung) returned to the market once more. On top of Yeon Hong’s sudden arrival, Kang Cho Yeon’s bad dream also foreshadowed interesting trouble to come.

“Once Again” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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