Former Cherry Bullet Member Mirae And Former Girls' Alert Member Saet Byeol To Debut In New Girl Group

Cherry Bullet’s Mirae and Girls’ Alert’s Saet Byeol have joined a new girl group called PIXY!

On July 3, former Cherry Bullet member Mirae posted a photo of PIXY’s logo on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “Hello, this is Kyung Joo [her real name]. I’ve come to share some welcome news! I have gotten the chance to make a happy new start with some amazing people. I will be greeting you all through the new girl group PIXY under the name Ella! I will work hard in order to show a better side of myself and become a singer with good influence on the world. Thank you for the support. Let’s meet again soon.”

On the same date, former Girls’ Alert member Saet Byeol wrote on Instagram, “Hello, this is Saet Byeol. I am writing this to let you know about some good news! I have met a new label and new members and will be making a fresh start with a group called PIXY. I will work hard thanks to those who have cheered me on and loved me. I will work to show a better side of myself as PIXY’s Saet Byeol, so please watch over me. I love you.”

Back in April, the members of Girls’ Alert were released from their contracts due to the repercussions of COVID-19 on their promotional schedules. Three members chose to remain with Roots Entertainment, while Saet Byeol signed with a new label.

Mirae left Cherry Bullet and FNC Entertainment, along with fellow members Kokoro and LinLin, back in December 2019.

PIXY is an upcoming five-member girl group under Allart Entertainment. According to PIXY’s official Instagram account, the other three members are called Dia, Dajeong, and Sua.

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