“To All The Guys Who Loved Me” Previews Complicated Ties Between Characters With Relationship Chart

Ahead of its premiere, “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” released an intricate character relationship chart!

KBS 2TV’s “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” is a romantic comedy starring Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo, a woman who has given up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks. After finally deciding that all men are alike, she suddenly gets caught between two completely opposite men both vying for her love.

Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Hyun Min, and Seo Ji Hoon star as Seo Hyun Joo, Hwang Ji Woo, and Park Do Kyum respectively as the drama’s main love triangle. Curiosity mounts as to who Seo Hyun Joo will choose between Hwang Ji Woo, whom she has a complicated relationship with, and Park Do Kyum, who is a close friend she grew up with. On top of this messy love triangle, viewers can also look forward to a special bromance between Hwang Ji Woo and Park Do Kyum.

The two men are also caught up with Kim Sun Hee (Choi Myung Gil) and her daughter Han Seo Yoon (Jo Woo Ri). While Han Seo Yoon is engaged to Hwang Ji Woo, she has a one-sided crush on Park Do Kyum. Meanwhile, her goal-driven and extravagant mother Kim Sun Hee has an overwhelming amount of admiration for Hwang Ji Woo and will stop at nothing to make sure her daughter marries him.

Hwang Young Hee and Seo Hyun Chul appear as Hwang Jung Eum’s parents who will bring laughter and excitement to the drama as they try their best to make sure their heartbroken daughter eventually gets married. However, her mother thinks she should be with Hwang Ji Woo while her father prefers Park Do Kyum!

Additionally, there are many other relatable characters who work alongside the main love triangle. Seo Hyun Joo’s three friends Oh Young Eun (No Susanna), Kang Min Jung (Song Sang Eun), and Song Jin Ah (Kim Kyu Sun) will provide a different source of entertainment and perspective for both her and the audience. Oh Young Eun is not married and Kang Min Jung is, but divorced friend Song Jin Ah will add the most tension to the story as she begins to date Park Do Kyum’s friend Oh Ji Hwan (Kim Do Yeon) who has a poor relationship with her ex-husband Kim Kwan Jang (Song Jin Woo).

Tune in to the premiere of “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” on July 9 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Watch a trailer for the drama below!

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