DreamCatcher's Handong Opens Up About Being Stuck In China Due To COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

DreamCatcher’s Handong talked about being unable to return to Korea due to her Wuhan passport during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Handong recently competed on the Chinese survival show “Youth with You 2,” but while the show has ended, she hasn’t been able to go back to Korea because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Handong’s hometown is Wuhan, the city where COVID-19 was first detected late last year.

A source from DreamCatcher’s agency stated, “Since Handong has a Wuhan passport, she’s unable to get a plane ticket.” They shared, “Handong is currently receiving individual training in Beijing for DreamCatcher’s comeback and monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19.”

In an interview with EDaily that was shared on July 9, Handong said that she’s practicing so that she can show how much she’s improved once she returns to DreamCatcher. “I want to meet with the members as soon as possible, chat and eat delicious food together with them, and prepare to meet our fans again.”

She was also asked to talk about the reason she decided to take part in “Youth with You 2.”

“I thought of it as a chance for me to meet Chinese fans and improve myself further,” she said. “Through ‘Youth with You 2,’ I learned that I need to have my own unique personality and charming qualities in order to appeal to the public. It was an opportunity for me to realize that I need to improve.”

“I was able to meet great friends through the show, and more people also now know about DreamCatcher,” she continued. “The biggest thing was that I was able to improve my skills.”

When asked what the local situation is like, she said, “It’s getting better bit by bit. Everyone’s overcoming the difficult time with a positive mindset, and I’m hoping that the day will come soon when the situation improves and we’re able to live our daily lives like we used to. I want to express my thanks and cheer on all the medical staff who are working so hard.”

Handong talked about how she much wants to meet fans again and said it’s a shame that this is impossible right now. She continued, “Although this period of waiting must feel difficult and long, I want to quickly meet all of you. Until that day, I hope that you’ll all overcome this hard time and not feel worn out. Everyone, please wait for me with a smile until we meet again.”

She went on to say that the staff at DreamCatcher Company and many other people are working hard for DreamCatcher’s comeback. “I hope that you’ll understand that I currently can’t tell you any details about the comeback,” she said. “I’m doing my best in the situation I’m in so that I can stand in front of you all again after having improved myself.”

When asked what she wants to do after resuming activities in Korea, Handong said, “The first thing I want to do is talk with DreamCatcher about things we haven’t been able to talk about. We’re in contact when we have spare time, but I want to meet them in person. Also, I want to quickly be back up on stage and meet fans as a member of DreamCatcher. If I have one wish, it’s that I want to pay back all of you who love us by coming in first place. I think that DreamCatcher has reached that level of growth. I’m going to work harder so that that day can come soon.”

Finally, Handong said, “Although we’re in this sad situation where we’re apart physically and we can’t meet each other, I believe that we’ll soon be able to happily meet. Lastly, I want to say ‘I really love you so much’ to the DreamCatcher members and [our fans] InSomnia.”

Handong debuted with the seven-member group DreamCatcher in 2017. While Handong was competing on “Youth with You 2,” DreamCatcher made a comeback in February with “Scream.”

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