HaHa And Byul Celebrate Their Daughter’s 1st Birthday With Messages And Photos

HaHa and Byul are celebrating the first birthday of their daughter Song!

After getting married in 2012, Byul and HaHa had their first son Dream in 2013 and their second son Soul in 2017. Their daughter Song was born on July 15, 2019.

On her birthday this year, HaHa posted adorable photos of her on Instagram. He wrote:

Our princess circle~ Our youngest, princess circle~~ Song~!! I sincerely wish you a happy birthday! Your dad should have been there today… I couldn’t be there with you because I was busy filming.. I’m so sorry.. I’m also sorry that we’ve given you this world where everyone has to wear masks.. Thank you for not only wearing one but also brightly smiling… I had a really hard time during the 2020 holidays.. You had a fever of over 40 degrees and I held you in my arms and ran to the hospital in the middle of the night, and I made a vow!! I said I will always persevere, no matter what difficulty and hardship comes… Thank you for growing up so beautifully. I’m a fool, always making mistakes, and imperfect, but to you I’m going to be a dad who’s cool, nice, and always overflowing with love towards you, our princess circle… I love you, I love you, I love you.. You don’t need to be good at studying, so just grow up happy and healthy! My daughter! I’m sorry and thank you! I love you.

He also shared his love and joked in the hashtags, “If you’re good at studying, then thank you.”

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우리 동그라미 공주~ 우리막내 동그라미 공듀~~ 송이야~!! 생일을 진심으로 축하해!?아빠가 오늘 함께했어야 했는데…ㅠㅠ 촬영땜에 바빠서 함께하지못하는구나..정말 미안해.. 우리아가 마스크쓰는 세상을 물려준것도 너무 미안한데.. 알아서 잘써주고 그것도 모잘라 환하게 웃어줘서 고마워.흑.. 2020년 명절때 아빠가 맘이 힘들었었는데.. 열이 40도가 넘는 널 안고 새벽에 병원으로 뛰었을때 아빤 맹세했어!! 그 어떤 어려움과 힘듦이 찾아와도 절대 굴하지 않겠다고.. 우리아가 이쁘게 커줘서 너무 고마워. 아빠가 모지리에 실수투성이고 항상 부족한 인간 나부랭이지만 우리 동그라미 공쥬한테만큼은 멋지고 나이스한 넘치게 사랑주는 아빠가 될게… 사랑하고 사랑하고 또 사랑한다.. 공부는 못해도되니 행복하고 건강하게만 자라다오!내 딸아!! 미안하고 고맙다! 사랑해❤️? ———————————————— #하송 #생일축하 #동그라미공쥬 #돌식사생일미리열어줬으니커서너무원망말길 #공부잘하면땡큐 #사랑한다 #너무사랑해 #❤️❤️❤️❤️#넌내영원한노래야

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Byul replied to his post to say, “Hehehe Song, happy birthday. Please grow up quickly and become my right arm.. He’ll listen to what you say. Let’s get your dad to quit drinking.. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.”

On her own Instagram, Byul posted what she described as their first couple photos in a long time on her Instagram, which were taken at Song’s birthday party. She wrote in the hashtags, “We’ve worked hard in the past year. To be honest, more so me. I did a lot. Hahaha.”

Byul also shared her birthday wishes for her daughter with a photo in her Instagram stories.

Happy birthday, Song!

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