Watch: Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Performs Duet With Jamie, Shares What She Wants To Try, And More

YouTube show “All That MIC” has released part two of Apink’s Jung Eun Ji’s interview with Jamie (Park Jimin)!

Previously, “All That MIC” shared a video of Jamie interviewing Jung Eun Ji on the beach, during which the Apink member talked about dealing with prejudice as a veteran idol, her real personality, and more.

In the new July 16 episode, the two idols read out a comment that asked them to share their playlists. Jung Eun Ji shared, “If I like a song, I only listen to that. These days, it’s the b-sides of my album. I kind of pick out little things I’m not content with.”

Jamie then asked which b-side she liked the most, and Jung Eun Ji explained, “As I’m a radio DJ, I’ve seen a lot of people who are having a hard time mentally, such as high school students. But to people like that, they said not to tell them to ‘stay strong,’ because they don’t even have the energy to do so. Or we ask, ‘Did your test go well?’ They ask that we don’t even ask that. I think the right message is that we just need to stay by their side.”

After, she picked her track “Whoo” which she worked on with Sunwoo Jung-A. The song explains that insincere comfort and worry are really just empty words that can easily blow away and Jung Eun Ji expressed her love for the track by singing a snippet.

When asked what she wants to try, Jung Eun Ji answered, “I think I’ve tried everything I wanted to try, but something I want to learn more about is acting and musicals.”

She added, “I just want to make good songs. I think that’s really the strength behind a long career as a singer. I want to pay close attention to what I’m already good at and do even better at it.”

Later, the two performed at duet of “Star” by 15&. Jung Eun Ji exclaimed, “This is actually my song request. This is the first song that came to mind when they said we’d be singing together. Both you and Baek Yerin have such pretty voices and your singing styles are both really different from mine. That’s why I wanted to try singing it.” Jamie added, “I’m also singing this song for the first time in nearly five years since it was released.”

After their performance, Jung Eun Ji commented, “We have such different styles but I think it’s nicer that you can hear that. I hope we can release a song together in the future.”

Jung Eun Ji also talked about where she gets her inspiration when making music. She shared, “I receive a lot of inspiration from those around me. I really like people and am curious about them. I’m curious about similarities between people and I wonder about stuff like, ‘Who is this person to make me feel this way? Why are they making me feel this way?'”

She continued, “In this regard, hosting the radio show is very fun. I write down a lot of notes during the radio show. When I translate my fan’s letters, there are often many well-written lines that I think about when writing lyrics.”

Jung Eun Ji also discussed her new mini album “Simple” which she released on July 15. Regarding the title track “AWay,” Jung Eun Ji explained, “There are times when I just want to run away. It also means ‘A Way.'” She later performed an acoustic version of “AWay” for the first time and the full version will be released on the Mu:fully YouTube channel on July 18 at 6 p.m. KST.

Watch all of her performances below! “Whoo” begins at 1:57, “Star” at 7:40, and “AWay” (acoustic version) at 14:24.

At the end of the interview, Jamie commented, “I think you really are exactly the way you appear on TV. However, after talking with you today I realized that you are someone with a lot more to yourself. I think that many viewers will change the way they view you after watching this.”

Finally, when asked what kind of person she thinks she is, Jung Eun Ji replied, “To be honest, I’m a rookie. The way I see it, it hasn’t been too long since I started living, so it’s still trivial and I’m a rookie with a lot of thoughts. That’s why I think I want to sing songs about youth.”

Watch Jung Eun Ji in her last drama “Untouchable” below!

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