Watch: PD Na Young Suk And Lee Soo Geun Team Up For New Spin-Off Show “Lee’s Kitchen”

Producing director (PD) Na Young Suk and Lee Soo Geun are launching a new short-form variety show!

Earlier this month, a source from tvN reported that PD Na Young Suk and Lee Soo Geun were preparing for a show called “Lee’s Kitchen” together.

PD Na Young Suk previously ran five-minute episodes of shows like “Iceland in Three Meals” (a spin-off from “New Journey to the West” starring Lee Soo Geun and Eun Ji Won) and “Three Meals for Four” (a spin-off from “Three Meals a Day” starring SECHSKIES).

Likewise, “Lee’s Kitchen” will run for five-minute episodes. “Lee’s Kitchen” is a spin-off from “Kang’s Kitchen,” which was itself a spin-off from “New Journey to the West” in which the cast ran a restaurant for two seasons. Lee Soo Geun was on “Kang’s Kitchen” as a dishwasher and general kitchen helper. In “Lee’s Kitchen,” he will run the restaurant all by himself.

On July 17, “Lee’s Kitchen” released its first teaser. In the clip, Lee Soo Geun explains that this show was part of the new promise that Na Young Suk made after desperately getting his YouTube channel subscribers to unsubscribe so he didn’t have to send Lee Soo Geun and Eun Ji Won to the moon as he had previously promised. (SECHSKIES’ spin-off “Three Meals for Four” was also part of this new promise.)

“Lee’s Kitchen” will premiere on tvN on July 31 at 10:50 p.m. KST. A slightly longer version of the shows will also be available via Na Young Suk’s YouTube channel.

Check out the preview below!

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