The “I-LAND” ranks have been shaken up again as the contestants move into the third test!

On Mnet’s new show “I-LAND,” the state-of-the-art training center is available for only 12 trainees. The other trainees practice in the “ground” facilities instead, separating the “I-LANDERs” from the “grounders.” Depending on the results of each test, the trainees and producers vote to determine which trainees will move up to I-LAND or down to the “ground.”

Last week, the I-LANDERs completed their second test by performing BTS’s “Fire.” On the other hand, the “grounders” would not get to perform the same song if the I-LANDERs all avoided elimination.

In the July 17 episode, it was revealed that the I-LANDERs had received an average score of 78, meaning that four I-LANDers would be eliminated and that the grounders would get to perform.

After the grounders’ performance, the top six I-LANDERs’ rankings were revealed. K was first with 88 points, Heeseung got 83 points, Sunghoon got 80 points, Ta-ki got 75 points, Sunoo got 71 points, and EJ got 70 points. As first place, K received a ticket to save someone from elimination.

The I-LANDERs then voted to see which four members would leave I-LAND. The results were Yoonwon (11 votes), Taeyong (10 votes), Sunoo (8 votes), and Jungwon (5 votes). K used his ticket to save Jungwon from elimination, and Ta-ki was selected by 5 votes to be eliminated instead.

K said, “I chose Jungwon not just because he’s talented, but because he’s someone whose mind and thoughts I respect. I wanted to help my friend.” However, K was taken aback when Ta-ki was eliminated instead and apologized to him with tears in his eyes. Ta-ki said, “K didn’t eliminate me on purpose, so I will go back to the ‘ground’ and work hard.”

The producers then selected which grounders would move up to the I-LAND: Youngbin, Kyungmin, Jay, and Jake.

The second part of the episode dealt with the third test, which was unit performances. The members were divided into vocal and dance units in which certain members would act as representatives for their entire team.

The trainees also underwent a midterm evaluation that decided the units. The I-LAND vocal unit was Geonu and Heeseung, and the I-LAND dance unit was K, Jungwon, and Sunghoon. The grounder vocal unit was Sunoo and Daniel, and the grounder dance unit was Ni-ki, Nicholas, and Jaeho.

The final performances of this week were the two vocal units, who sang BTS’s “Butterfly” (I-LANDERs) and “Save Me” (grounders).

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