BOTOPASS Delays Debut Following Minah’s Bullying Allegations About Some Members

New girl group BOTOPASS has announced plans to postpone their debut.

BOTOPASS is an eight-member group that contains three members of the former girl group ILUV. Recently, former ILUV member Minah came forward to accuse ILUV members of harassing her. ILUV’s representatives have stated that her claims her false, and both sides have shared plans to take legal action.

On July 24, BOTOPASS’s agency released the following statement:

We are issuing our agency’s statement regarding the delay of global eight-member group BOTOPASS’s debut and release schedule.

We are sorry to have to convey unfortunate news to the fans who have been waiting for BOTOPASS.

We tell you this news ahead of their planned August 4 debut. We are pushing back the schedule for the debut that the BOTOPASS members and company had been excitedly preparing.

Ahead of BOTOPASS’s debut, groundless rumors were spread about ILUV members who are part of BOTOPASS. The members from ILUV and also the other BOTOPASS members who are preparing to debut with them are all having a hard time.

Since we had already released the schedule to fans, although it was difficult, we were trying to keep following our original schedule. The three former ILUV members have become a target of attack due to the ridiculous claims made by a member who had been like family to them, and they along with the five other BOTOPASS members who have dreamt together of their debut are going through a time that is difficult to endure.

The members are currently experiencing a great mental shock, and that has led to physical symptoms. Please know that we made this decision because their treatment and recovery are the top priorities. We’ve decided to deal with the judgement about the rumors in court, but we ask you to restrain from leaving malicious comments that sprout from misunderstandings.

We will do our best to prove the innocence of our agency’s artists while also presenting their fans with a great debut performance that will meet their expectations. Thank you.

Earlier in the day, Minah’s mother updated Minah’s Instagram account to say, “Hello, this is Minah’s mom. I’m sorry to be bringing you bad news. Minah collapsed today and was taken to the emergency room. She will be admitted soon, and I hope that you will refrain from leaving malicious comments or making speculations. Thank you.”

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