Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon Shares His Gratitude And Honest Thoughts About Life As Celebrity In Instagram Post While A Bit Drunk

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon shared his honest thoughts on Instagram about his life and job after a few drinks.

On July 27, Yoon Doojoon released his first solo mini album “Daybreak,” featuring the title track “Lonely Night.” He later expressed his sincere gratitude and more to fans in the following letter:

Hm… I’m writing this so that I don’t forget this moment.

I’m a little drunk after having four beers, so now I’m suddenly writing this.. Hm.. I think I’m grateful for everything…

I’m… just me… but there it seems like there are so many people who support me, help me, and tell me good things…

I’ve never been helpful to those people… They sincerely support me, help me, and sacrifice for me, and I’m so sorry about that… All I am is… just one person… and so I really wonder if it’s okay for me to be treated so well….

Thank you… everything… living.. If I’m really honest, life… wasn’t enjoyable.. I felt like even though I was alive, I wasn’t living… the nature of my job is that.. I’m just evaluated.. like I’m a product and not a person.. and I always felt like an object rather than a person.. If I lose my value.. then the people who help me.. and the people who support me suffer… and I’ve been so sorry about that..

But you all recognized the songs that I sang with sincerity.. and I’ve been so grateful for that.. I’m not good at expressing how I feel but.. that is such an honor and I’m so thankful for it.. Thank you. Thank you… for helping me keep going.. The fact that you support me.. is truly such an honor that I’m not sure how to express it.. When I wake up tomorrow.. I’m going to be kicking my blankets and think I was crazy to do this.. still… I’m not going to regret it.. These are 100 percent my true feelings.. Thank you. Thank you so much… I exist thanks to all of you.. So I’m going to work hard.. You should work hard too.. Today I feel that I have value just by existing. Thank you. Have a good night.

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음.. 지금 이 순간을 잊지 말자는 의미에서 이 글을 씁니다. 맥주 4캔을 마시고 조금 취해서 갑자기 이 글을 쓰는데.. 음.. 모든게 감사한거 같아요.. 나는.. 그냥 나인데.. 나를 응원해주고.. 도와주고 좋은 말 해주시는 분들이 너무 많은거 같아요.. 나는 그 분들에게 무언가 도움이 된 적이 없는데.. 그 분들은 나를 위해 진심으로 응원해주고 도와주고 희생하는 것이 너무나 죄송스러워요.. 나란 존재는 그냥.. 인간 하나일 뿐인데 이런 과분한 대접을 받아도 될까하는 마음이 너무나 앞섭니다….. 고맙습니다.. 모든것들이.. 살아있다는것이.. 진심으로 얘기하자면 인생이.. 재미가 없었어요.. 살아도 살아있다는게 아니었다는걸 너무 많이 느꼈어요.. 직업 특성상.. 그냥 평가받고 ..무언가 나는 사람이아니라 상품같고..사람보단 물건이었다는 느낌을 항상 받았던거 같아요.. 내가 값어치가 없어지면.. 나를 도와주는 사람들은..나를 응원해주는 사람들은 손해를 보니까.. 그게 너무 죄송했던거 같아요.. 근데 .. 내가 진심을 노래했던 것들이.. 그것들이 여러분들이 알아봐주시니까..그게 너무 감사한거 같아요.. 표현을 잘못하지만.. 그게. 너무나 영광스럽고 고마운거같아요.. 고맙습니다. 살아있게해주셔서…고맙습니다.. 응원해주셔셔서.. 진짜 너무 영광스러워서 몸둘바를 모르겠습니다.. 내일 일어나면.. 이불킥에 내가 미쳤었나라는 생각을 하겠죠.. 그래도 .. 후회는 안할게요.. 저의 100프로 속마음이니까.. 고맙습니다. 너무 고맙습니다… 나라는 존재는 여러분들 덕분이니까.. 그래서 열심히 살아갈게요.. 여러분들도 항상 열심히 살아가세요.. 존재만으로 가치가 있다는것을 오늘 느낍니다. 고맙습니다 좋은밤 되세요

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Yoon Doojoon is a singer and actor who debuted in 2009 as the leader of Highlight (at the time called Beast). He recently returned after completing his mandatory military service in April.

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