After comedian Nam Hee Suk criticized Kim Gura for the way he acts on the talk show “Radio Star,” the program’s producers have issued a statement.

On July 29, Nam Hee Suk posted on his Facebook account to criticize “Radio Star” MC Kim Gura.

He wrote, “When a guest says something Kim Gura doesn’t like on ‘Radio Star,’ he sits with his back turned and frowns. It’s true that it’s his ‘character’ on the show but it’s very inconsiderate. He’s just trying to keep up his ‘character.’ Sometimes, some novice guests come on and since they’re not viewers, they try to win his favor.”

Nam Hee Suk posted on July 30 to clarify that contrary to reports, his post had not come out of the blue, as he’d been thinking about the issue while observing for the past few years. He also said that rookie comedians who’ve gone on the show following breakout success have come to him after being humiliated on the program and losing their self-esteem.

On July 31, the producers of “Radio Star” released the following statement:

Hello. This is the “Radio Star” production team.

First off, we thank the viewers who always show interest and love for the show and we thank people in the media. We are releasing our statement regarding the reports about “Radio Star” MC Kim Gura in order to clear up misunderstandings.

1. Although it doesn’t show on the program, Kim Gura tries his best for the guests.

On the set of “Radio Star,” Kim Gura communicates and is considerate toward the guests before, during, and after filming, and he is very attentive. The Kim Gura that we’ve seen isn’t an MC who’s rude to the guests.

2. We would appreciate if you would understand that the way Kim Gura appears on the program is his character that is only for “Radio Star.”

Longtime viewers of our show will know that each of the MCs have their own characters. We hope you will understand that Kim Gura’s character has become one that steps in when the recording isn’t entertaining to give guests opportunities through several methods, such as asking follow-up questions or creating situations, and this is his method of hosting designed to bring out their charming qualities.

3. Kim Gura is the one who is always talking to the production team about casting comedians.

In reality, many of the comedians who have been cast for “Radio Star” are people that Kim Gura personally recommended to the production team. He’s always checking what junior comedians are up to and closely observing them, and he suggests that we give them the chance to possibly become more well known through “Radio Star.”

4. The runtime of “Radio Star” is limited so there are parts that are do not air.

Just like many variety shows, there’s an editing process to our show in order to make it more entertaining for viewers. The editing is done for viewers’ entertainment, and the entirety of MC Kim Gura’s appearance is not shown as is.

“Radio Star” has always listened to the viewers’ opinions and gone through changes, and we will try to maintain the traits of ‘Radio Star’ that we have preserved for a long time. Thank you.

Watch the latest episode of “Radio Star” below:

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