Girls' Generation Is Full Of Love For Each Other And Fans In Posts Celebrating Their 13th Anniversary

Girls’ Generation celebrated their anniversary with lovely posts!

The group all recently got together to celebrate Tiffany’s birthday and also their anniversary. On their 13th anniversary on August 5, each of the eight members shared photos and videos on Instagram from their party as they expressed their love and gratitude to each other and their fans SONE.

Taeyeon wrote, “It’s Girls’ Generation’s 13th anniversary. Thank you so much and congratulations to all the SONE, who’ve been with us for such a long time, and to my beloved members. This has made me realize again that there are so many people who can share the emotions that I feel in my life, and that is so precious and I’m so grateful. Girls’ Generation never ends, so ‘Cheers’ to our happy days in the future too. I’ll have a good day while feeling grateful. SONE and Girls’ Generation, let’s be happy.”

In a video that she and many of the members posted, they first introduce themselves before Yuri says, “Happy 13th anniversary!” and they cheer, express their love for each other, and congratulate SONE too.

Tiffany says, “We’re so happy to be able to get together every August, and I want to say ‘Happy anniversary’ again.” When Hyoyeon teases her about her big gesture toward the camera, she explains, “It’s because I’m so touched!”

She goes on to say in English, “It’s so good to be able to get back together and we just wanted to wish you a happy 13th anniversary! Love you guys!” After they say their group greeting, Yuri cutely adds, “Miss you”!

Tiffany shared in English on her own Instagram, “13 summers ago i remember blowing out the candles & thanking god for bringing each & every one of you into my life. no matter how far apart or how long it’s been, it always feels like we’re picking up right where we left off. i am SO grateful for our journey together & especially our sisterhood. blessed to have such incredible women & SONE to grow stronger & wiser TOGETHER each year. thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unconditional faith & love you show.”

She added in Korean, “Thank you for always making me able to anticipate and dream more. Now, in the future, and forever, I love you Girls’ Generation and SONE… I sincerely congratulate you on our 13th anniversary, I love you.”

Sooyoung wrote, “Our 13th summer together, I’m so grateful to have my people still by my side. I hope that all of you who miss us will feel comforted by shouts of ‘Now, in the future, forever Girls’ Generation’ that you hear for the first time in a while. Next year too, we’ll try to make you feel that you’re happy to be a fan of Girls’ Generation.”

Sooyoung also posted a photo in her Instagram stories of herself, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sunny at the party. She wrote on it “The Girls’ Generation version of Refund Expedition.”

“Refund Expedition” is a reference to the working name of the girl group that Lee Hyori came up with on “How Do You Play?” that would feature singers with strong images, including Lee Hyori, Jessi, Uhm Jung Hwa, and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

Seohyun posted to say, “We’ve now been together for 13 years. All the most radiant moments in my life were spent together with my members and with SONE. Thank you, I love you so, so much. Let’s be together forever.”

She also posted a photo of herself and wrote, “Hello, Seohyun from 13 years ago.”

Sunny wrote, “Girls’ Generation~ Happy 13th anniversary!!! SONE who are together with us.. thank you~ It’s thanks to you that I’m having fun and happy while walking on a path that can sometimes be rough!! Please stay by my side~ Our youth, our overflowing joy. Everyone’s Girls’ Generation. Let’s keep being together for a long, long time~!!!

She also wrote, “Girls’ Generation and SONE, whom I’m the most grateful for.”

Yuri shared, “I sincerely thank my members and fans for making my youth shine so brightly, as Girls’ Generation and SONE.. It’s only our 13th anniversary now, so let’s go slow, not let go of each other’s hand, and be together on our 20th and 30th anniversaries too.”

She also wrote, “It’s really great that we all got together.”

YoonA wrote in English, “Thank u for the sweetest memories of our 13 years together. Girls’ Generation & SONE, we are one and the same.” She added in Korean, “Let’s stay together for a long, long time.”

Soon after midnight, Hyoyeon shared a video on Instagram and wrote, “Congratulations on our 13th anniversary.” She also posted a photo of Girls’ Generation light sticks making a heart and wrote, “Thank you, SONE.”

She later wrote to say, “I think that our trust in each other and our passion has been the reason we’ve always been able to achieve more. And also the trust and love we share with SONE, hehe. Happy 13th anniversary! Now, in the future, and forever Girls’ Generation! Ah, well done Girls’ Generation on this fine teamwork.”

She also shared the photo of the five members, suggesting that they all get together for her birthday too.

Happy anniversary, Girls’ Generation!

Watch Sooyoung in “Tell Me What You Saw” below:

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Seohyun in “Time” here:

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YoonA in “The King Loves” below:

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And Yuri in “Jang Geum, Oh My Grandma” here!

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