Busters Announces Hiatus And Reorganization Of Group

On August 6, Busters’ agency announced on their official fan cafe that the group will be taking a break and being reorganized.

The full post reads as follows:

Hello, this is Marbling.

As we deeply thank the fans who have sent lots of love to Busters, we want to apologize for having to relay this disappointing news.

Our announcement continued to get pushed back as we discussed in depth with regards to the direction of Busters’ promotions. We also apologize for causing any inconvenience because of the news of some members.

Thus far, both Busters and Marbling have had the motto ‘We must enjoy ourselves in order for those watching us to enjoy themselves too’ and have worked towards promotions that bring joy to both the artist and their fans.

However, during recent activities, we’ve experienced unfortunate incidents due to extreme fans. Since these are situations that are difficult for our young artists to handle, a few members have complained about receiving a lot of stress.

Subsequently, after completing promotions for their ‘Paeonia’ album, although they received a sufficient amount of rest time, they were not able to recover and began to lose joy in, and question, their careers as singers.

As a result, members Jisoo and Yeseo have lost their desire to promote as singers and Chaeyeon has also previously disclosed that promoting as a singer is no longer enjoyable.

After a lot of thought, in order to respect the individual needs of our artists, we have decided on the following conclusions:

  1. As of July 31, 2020, Jisoo, Yeseo, and Chaeyeon will be concluding their promotions as singers and plan to focus on acting and other broadcasts in the future.
  2. We will be calling Busters’ promotions thus far as ‘Bustersβ’ (‘Busters Beta’) and will conclude their promotions.
  3. Minji, Jieun, and Takara will be joined by a new foreign member to continue promotions as ‘Power Busters.’ ‘Power Busters’ will be reorganized as our main project and global content moving forward.

We feel that our protection of our artist was lacking and are deeply reflecting. For our artists who have been and will be with us, we promise to make their protection the utmost priority. We will take all necessary legal action for incidents that have occurred and will try our best to prevent such incidents in the future.

Once again, thank you to the fans who have sent so much love all this time.

As you treasure the twinkle of ‘Bustersβ,’ we ask that you give the same unchanging love and attention to ‘Power Busters,’ who will expand their stride with performances all over the world. Also, we ask that you send lots of warm support in the future to Jisoo, Yeseo, and Chaeyeon, who have helped create precious memories as members of ‘Bustersβ.’

We apologize for having to relay such regretful news. We will work hard to showcase music and performances that give back the love received from fans.

Thank you.

Busters made their debut on November 27, 2017 with members Hyungseo, Minji, Minjung, Chaeyeon, and Jisoo. After releasing singles “Dream On” and “Grapes,” Minjung’s departure was announced and Yeseo joined the group. In late 2018, Minji departed the group due to personal reasons and Jieun was announced as their new member.

On March 16, 2020, Busters announced two new members Takara and Minji, who would join them for their May comeback with “Paeonia.” Before their comeback, on March 29, Hyungseo announced on their fan cafe that she was leaving Busters to focus on her studies.

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