Former AOA Member Mina Shares Her Hobbies, Goals, And More

Former AOA member and actress Mina participated in a recent pictorial for BNT International!

Mina previously spoke to fans and shared an update via a live broadcast on August 5 when she was on set taking photos for the pictorial. On August 14, BNT International shared the beautiful photos from the shoot and an interview.

She said, “While taking a break, I’ve been working hard to receive counseling and even participated in this photo shoot. I’m also pursuing my hobby of making makeup. I have sensitive skin, so I tend to make rejuvenating creams. I’ve gotten into the hobby of researching ingredients to make makeup, so I’ve been spending time doing things like this. It’s natural makeup. I’m working hard while dreaming of being a CEO of a base makeup brand in the far future.” Mina elaborated to say that she’s also interested in writing and drawing, but her greatest current interest is makeup.

When the interviewer complimented Mina on her beauty, Mina responded, “I always want to hear that I’m pretty. I actually don’t hear it that often. Since I’ve become an actress, I want to hear that I’m good at acting or that my acting is charming. I want to hear praise regarding my acting the most.”

Mina also shared that her role model is singer and actress Lee Jung Hyun and that she dreamt of becoming a celebrity after watching Lee Jung Hyun’s “Wa.” However, Mina commented that a difficult time while training to become a singer was when she had to learn how to play the bass guitar.

As an actress, Mina shared that the project she felt most attached to was KBS 2TV’s “Wonderful Days” because she enjoyed her role of a bright yet sad character who pursued a one-sided love. On future roles she wants to take on, Mina revealed, “I also want to try mature and sad roles,” explaining her desire to take on an emotional role to broaden her experience. She added her hopes to work with actor Hwang Jung Min in the future, picking him as her ideal type. Mina elaborated that her ideal type is someone who is relatable and has a deep backstory.

Furthermore, the actress talked about her method of finding happiness. She explained that she had always just thought about doings things rather than turning her thoughts into actions. Mina added, “These days, I’m meeting people, drawing, and making makeup. Action is really important.”

Mina also talked about watching movies, listening to music, cleaning, and drinking in her free time while alone at home. She mentioned that it was healing to see her family’s dog at her mother’s home.

On future plans, Mina shared, “My goal is to become maturer and healthier. I want to return as an actress and showcase my growth. I’m planning to working hard on auditions and practicing acting in the future. I want to work hard whether it’s a film, web drama, drama, independent film, or a commercial film. If it’s acting, even a minor role is good.”

Finally, Mina revealed that her self-confidence had slightly increased after receiving messages of support from many people. To her fans, she shared, “I’m always sincerely grateful, and I’m sorry I can’t express it well. I’ll work hard to communicate even more in the future. I’m really grateful.”

Watch Mina in “Loss Time Life” below:

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