Watch: Lee Do Hyun And Yoon Sang Hyun Start Over Again With Kim Ha Neul In

JTBC’s upcoming drama “18 Again” released exciting new teasers!

“18 Again” is based on the American film “17 Again” and will tell the story of a husband on the verge of divorce who finds himself back in his body when he was at the prime of his life 18 years ago. Yoon Sang Hyun plays Hong Dae Young, who changes his name to Go Woo Young (played by Lee Do Hyun) when he becomes 18 years old again. Meanwhile, Kim Ha Neul plays his wife Jung Da Jung, who joins the workforce as an anchorwoman later on in life after raising their 18-year-old twins.

In the first teaser, Jung Da Jung states, “Let’s get a divorce,” as she and Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun) face a crisis in their marriage. Emotionally charged, Hong Dae Young agrees. Afterwards, he stands alone in a basketball court and says to himself, “Hong Dae Young, let’s go back.” To his surprise, Hong Dae Young (Lee Do Hyun) finds himself back in his 18-year-old body.

Go Deok Jin (Kim Kang Hyun) asks, “What is your dream now that you’re young?” Go Woo Young hesitates at first, but as he begins to enjoy his second life, he replies, “That’s right! I’m going to live my life too now.”

Finally, Go Woo Young encounters his wife Jung Da Jung at the teacher’s office. When Go Woo Young makes a loud outburst, Jung Da Jung approaches Go Woo Young in shock. Examining his face closely, she exclaims, “You really look just like him!”

The second teaser begins with Hong Dae Young confessing, “You were my first love,” while heart-fluttering scenes from their past flash by. However, 18 years later, Jung Da Jung demands a divorce as she shoves Hong Dae Young away in a fight. As he cries, Hong Dae Young admits, “I don’t want to get a divorce.”

Luckily, Hong Dae Young gets a second chance when he returns to his 18-year-old body. Transformed into Go Woo Young, he continues to appear in front of Jung Da Jung who asks, “Why are you speaking informally to me?” Although Jung Da Jung is unaware that Go Woo Young is actually her husband, he still protects her from danger at night and even supports her on her first day of work, making viewers curious to find out if Jung Da Jung will fall back in love with her husband once again.

“18 Again” premieres on September 7 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Lee Do Hyun in “Hotel Del Luna“:

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