Exclusive: CRAVITY Answers Fan Questions About “Flame” Comeback, Hobbies, Favorite Foods, And More

CRAVITY has made their first ever comeback with “SEASON 2 HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO” and the album’s title track “Flame”!

After making their debut declaring they’ll “Break All the Rules,” CRAVITY now attempts to break their own limits with their powerful comeback track “Flame.” The song serves a dynamic melody line that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats, wanting to hear what comes next.

We received questions from CRAVITY’s fans LUVITY via Soompi’s Instagram, and the CRAVITY members have shared their answers! Read their responses below:

What are CRAVITY’s goals for this comeback?

Asked by @sunnydays_allen

Serim: To make CRAVITY’s colors known to a lot of people.

Allen: I hope we will conclude our promotions enjoyably and without anyone getting injured.

Jungmo: First place on a music show.

Woobin: Being nominated for first place on a music show.

Wonjin: I want to make ourselves known to more people, show them that we are a group capable of very diverse concepts, and cause them to look forward to our next promotions more.

Hyeongjun: I want to have fun promoting.

Minhee: I want to be told that we pulled off the new concept well.

Taeyoung: To make CRAVITY’s charms widely known!

Seongmin: First place on a music show!

What were your most memorable moments while preparing for this comeback?

Asked by @maxweltr

Serim: It was difficult during the concept photo shoot because there were so many bugs.

Allen: The live broadcast that we had with LUVITY on CRAVITY’s 100th day is memorable for me.

Jungmo: The album jacket photo shoot [is memorable] because we left Seoul for the first time in a while.

Woobin: Learning the “Flame” choreography for the first time [is memorable]. It was so difficult so I remember having a hard time learning.

Wonjin: The first day of music video filming was Seongmin’s birthday, so I remember when we celebrated his birthday while filming!

Hyeongjun: I was complimented a lot while recording.

Minhee: I remember when we celebrated Seongmin’s birthday during music video filming.

Taeyoung: When getting our hairstyles planned with the members.

Seongmin: My surprise birthday party during music video filming is memorable.

Which member do you think suits this comeback concept the most?

Asked by @uceena

Serim: Minhee because he pulls off the sexy concept well.

Allen: I think Serim suits this concept the best because he has a very mature quality.

Jungmo: Allen because he does his part so well. “Crossing over the breathtaking time” is my favorite part.

Woobin: Allen because he shows what smooth charisma is.

Wonjin: I think it is Hyeongjun. I think his red hair suits the “Flame” title so well, and I think Hyeongjun pulled off the sexy concept well.

Hyeongjun: Serim suits it well because he is sexy.

Minhee: Hyeongjun – I was surprised seeing his sexy gaze.

Taeyoung: Minhee! His long hair suits this sexy concept very well.

Seongmin: Jungmo. He’s cool, as expected of our subtly sexy member.

What did you learn from your debut that will help you with your comeback?

Asked by @it.s_me_anli

Serim: Finding the camera!!

Allen: I learned how to control my facial expressions and how to look at the camera at music shows during our debut promotions, and I think that will help with me with our promotions this time.

Jungmo: Looking at the camera in a cooler way.

Woobin: I’ve learned how to do hand gestures while singing on stage.

Wonjin: In a performance, you’re able to convey your emotions through your voice, gestures, and facial expressions, but in a studio recording, you have to express your emotions solely with your voice. That was hard, but I practiced it a lot while preparing for our debut, so this time, I think I was able to do a better job while recording.

Hyeongjun: How to record and how to perform with ease??

Minhee: I think I’ll be able to be more at ease.

Taeyoung: Making eye contact with the camera.

Seongmin: It’s not necessarily something I learned, but I think I’ve gotten a little bit more used to the environment on stage and aspects like that.

Are you more nervous or less nervous about releasing the new album compared to your debut one?

Asked by @sharanpreet_kkaur

Serim: Less nervous because it’s not our first time, and I’ve become even more confident in CRAVITY.

Allen: It’s not that I’m not nervous at all, but I’ve gone through the process of preparing for an album once, so I now know to some extent what to do to make a good album. That makes me more confident, so I feel less nervous.

Jungmo: It’s a different feeling. I think I’m less nervous. I can’t wait for our comeback because I want to show it to everyone sooner.

Woobin: I’m less nervous!

Wonjin: I’m more nervous, but I also feel more confident.

Hyeongjun: I’m less nervous. I want to reveal it quickly.

Minhee: We’re challenging ourselves to a new concept, so I’m more nervous.

Taeyoung: I’m less nervous.

Seongmin: I think I feel less nervous.

What has been the best thing that’s happened since your debut?

Asked by @andreaxestrada

Serim: Performing at KCON while seeing LUVITY’s faces for the first time, even if it was through a screen.

Allen: Performing in front of an actual audience at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards left an impression in my memory.

Jungmo: When LUVITY saw our performance for the first time.

Woobin: When we saw our fans in real life for the first time.

Wonjin: I just have fun and feel happy when the nine of us are all together.

Hyeongjun: When we saw LUVITY at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards and won the New Artist Award.

Minhee: Being told words of encouragement about how we worked hard after our debut showcase remains in my memory.

Taeyoung: Every moment was nice~

Seongmin: When we got the New Artist Award.

What do you want people to think about when they hear the name CRAVITY?

Asked by @s.afa_xxuwu

Serim: Stage masters, performance idols.

Allen: Charming idols with nine members that show nine different colors.

Jungmo: Perfor-VITY, a hit.

Woobin: An unrivaled group with a distinct color unique to CRAVITY.

Wonjin: Multi-concept idols.

Hyeongjun: A super skilled group.

Minhee: I’d like to hear that we’re multi-talented idols.

Taeyoung: Multi-talented idols.

Seongmin: Perfor-VITY! Teamwork.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Asked by @candee_andrade

Serim: I will still be doing music.

Allen: I think I will have grown at least a bit taller.

Jungmo: I hope I will have become a great singer.

Woobin: I think I’ll be working hard on music.

Wonjin: I think performing in front of our fans would be a natural thing by then, so I think I’ll be performing in front of many of our fans.

Hyeongjun: I hope I’m promoting as a singer.

Minhee: I would like to be healthy.

Taeyoung: Even I can’t imagine what I’ll be doing!

Seongmin: I’ll be spending time on my hobbies as well.

What kind of superpower do you want to have?

Asked by @deamh59

Serim: Teleportation.

Allen: Teleportation, since going from place to place will take less time.

Jungmo: Teleportation!!

Woobin: Teleportation.

Wonjin: I’d like to have Spider-Man’s powers and fly across the city.

Hyeongjun: Teleportation.

Minhee: I want to have the power to change time.

Taeyoung: The ability to read people’s minds.

Seongmin: The ability to fly.

If you could only eat one type of food everyday, what would it be?

Asked by @denise_hello_30

Serim: Pork belly.

Allen: [Fried] chicken. No matter how much chicken I eat, I never get tired of it.

Jungmo: Hamburgers.

Woobin: White rice with braised kimchi and back ribs.

Wonjin: Beef!

Hyeongjun: Carbonara.

Minhee: Anything made of chicken.

Taeyoung: Gukbap (Korean hot soup with rice).

Seongmin: Pork belly.

What Korean food would you recommend to international fans?

Asked by @mikylasangil

Serim: Braised short ribs.

Allen: Ginseng chicken soup. I think it’s food that’s good for your health, so I want to recommend it to our fans overseas as well.

Jungmo: Yukhoe (raw beef) bibimbap.

Woobin: Back ribs braised in soy sauce.

Wonjin: Bulgogi!! It’s a dish that’s good to eat with rice, separately, or with any other dish or food!

Hyeongjun: Braised short ribs.

Minhee: Braised spicy chicken.

Taeyoung: Korean ramyun.

Seongmin: Bean paste stew.

What do you guys enjoy doing on your breaks?

Asked by @piicses

Serim: Listening to music, reading letters from LUVITY

Allen: Recently I’ve been playing computer games.

Jungmo: Lie on my bed all day.

Woobin: I play computer games or watch YouTube or Netflix.

Wonjin: I mostly lie around on my bed.

Hyeongjun: Use my phone while lying down

Minhee: I listen to music or sometimes watch dramas.

Taeyoung: I take a walk while listening to music or play games.

Seongmin: I eat something yummy as I watch a movie.

Have you picked up any new hobbies recently?

Asked by @jumpersoty

Serim: It’s not a new hobby, but I like to take pictures.

Allen: Looking at my phone while lying on bed.

Jungmo: Netflix.

Woobin: Watching classic movies from the 2000s.

Wonjin: Watching movies!

Hyeongjun: None yet!

Minhee: I don’t think there’s anything in particular.

Taeyoung: None.

Seongmin: I watch mukbangs (eating videos) often.

What’s the last thing you searched for on the internet?

Asked by @_oum.anita_

Serim: Eel.

Allen: Scary-looking food.

Jungmo: BTS.

Woobin: CRAVITY Serim.

Wonjin: Word spacing corrector.

Hyeongjun: Webtoon.

Minhee: Weather.

Taeyoung: Subway line.

Seongmin: Famous pork belly restaurant.

Which member talks the most in CRAVITY’s group chat?

Asked by @ghnarj_

Serim: Minhee.

Allen: Serim. He’s the leader, so when he has something to announce or needs to hear our opinions on something, he usually sends a message first.

Jungmo: Wonjin.

Woobin: Taeyoung.

Wonjin: Seongmin is usually quiet, but he gets all worked up when we have to decide on what to eat.

Hyeongjun: It’s not me!

Minhee: Wonjin..?

Taeyoung: Wonjin.

Seongmin: Wonjin.

What things do you do to de-stress yourself?

Asked by @_.wonjinnie._

Serim: Watching movies, shopping.

Allen: Listening to music on my earphones and spacing out.

Jungmo: I sleep.

Woobin: I cook and forget about my thoughts.

Wonjin: I cling to my members. Haha.

Hyeongjun: Listen to music.

Minhee: I try to sleep.

Taeyoung: I listen to music on my own in a quiet place or meet friends and have lots of fun.

Seongmin: I eat sweet food.

Please share a message for global LUVITY.

Asked by @riskaa__luvity

Serim: We CRAVITY will always work hard and grow! Please stay healthy always, and I hope the day we can meet comes soon. I miss you. I love you.

Allen: Thank you so much for cheering for us so enthusiastically even from afar, and CRAVITY will work even harder so that international LUVITY won’t feel any distance between us. When this situation ends, we will go visit LUVITY all around the world!!

Jungmo: LUVITY~ We worked really hard this time so please look forward to it and love it lots. I miss you. Love you~

Woobin: All of our many fans all around the world, please show lots of attention and love for CRAVITY!! Thank you!!

Wonjin: Global LUVITY, we really miss you and really want to meet you. Let’s all wait just a little longer!! Be healthy, everyone.

Hyeongjun: Thank you so much for always supporting us, and I would like to meet you soon! I love you.

Minhee: I would appreciate it if you could wait carefully and healthily until we can see each other in person.

Taeyoung: I really want to see you!! I want to greet you very brightly when that day comes! Stay healthy until then~ And please show our album “Season 2. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into” lots of love!

Seongmin: We’ll keep working hard on our promotions so please watch over us!! I love you.

Watch CRAVITY’s exclusive shoutout to Soompi fans:

Last but not least, check out the music video for “Flame”!

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