Watch: DreamCatcher's Handong Is Amazed By Her Groupmates In

DreamCatcher’s Handong has shared her reaction to her group’s latest comeback with “BOCA“!

Handong is currently unable to return to Korea due to her Wuhan passport during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she still showed her support for DreamCatcher with a sweet reaction video.

Once the music video starts, Handong comments on how pretty and different the members look. As Handong watches the group’s choreography scenes, she says, “I heard that it rained a lot while they were filming. It must’ve been slippery.” She then mentions that she loves the stage outfits for this comeback.

During Dami’s rap section, Handong dances along and exclaims, “Her part is so cool!” She’s amazed by the special effects, and when the music video cuts to a shot of JiU, Handong remarks, “Her dress looks like the princess’s dress from ‘Beauty and the Beast.'” Handong shares that JiU’s part during the song’s bridge is her favorite and imitates the dance moves. As the song ends, Handong tries to figure out the story behind the music video.

After she finishes watching it, Handong explains her take on the song. “What I think is that there are a lot of hurtful comments on the internet these days, and the members are fighting against them,” she says. “It’s telling people to stop saying hurtful things. In the music video, there’s a part where Gahyeon is [covering her ears] because she hears people saying those bad things.”

Handong mentions that she’s sad she couldn’t join her members for “BOCA” but also says that she knows her group will do their best this time like always.

Watch Handong’s full reaction video with English subtitles below!

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