Jamie Talks About The Artist She Wants To Become, Finding Her Own Voice, And More

Jamie recently made a comeback for the first time since moving agencies!

In an interview with OSEN, Jamie talked about her career thus far, finding her own voice, her public image, and more.

“I don’t think that someone becomes an amazing person just because they have the title of ‘singer,'” she said. “I think that you have to keep learning. Every time I put out an album, I learn something new, but I haven’t been yet able to satisfy myself.”

One of the things she named as an obstacle were comments about her lack of individuality. “I want to hear that I have a unique appeal as a musician and as a person,” she said. “‘Appeal’ is something that is unique to each person, so if I have appeal, it means that I’ve found something that is uniquely ‘Jamie.’ I want to be like a chameleon. I’d like to be an artist that can pull off any color in any place. If I sum it up in a sentence, I want to remembered as an appealing and honest artist.”

She added, “I think that my ability to match any song I sing is one of my strengths. I was negatively affected by comments that said, ‘There’s nothing special,’ ‘There’s nothing individual,’ ‘I don’t think of Jamie when I listen to it,’ but now that I listen back, the things that I’ve tried to deny all this time are part of my real voice. Now I think that I can express any emotion regardless of whether it’s a sad or upbeat song.”

Jamie participated not only in the writing and production of her new single, “Numbers,” but also in the production and styling of her music video. She said, “I get inspiration from whatever I’m feeling, experiencing, or hearing. I think that it’s a little hard for me to imagine unfamiliar things. The things that I experience are part of my story, so I try to note them down. If there’s a song that fits, then I write it down.”

Check out the music video for “Numbers” (featuring Changmo) here!

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