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Guys, the universe has reunited Shan Cai and Dao Ming Shi! Okay, granted it’s 2018 Shan Cai and 2001 Dao Ming Shi, but it still counts! (For those feeling lost, Shan Cai and Dao Ming Shi are characters from Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden,” which also has a Korean version, “Boys Over Flowers.” Jerry Yan was the male lead in the 2001 version, whereas Shen Yue was the female lead for the 2018 version).

As I was saying, Shan Cai and Dao Ming Shi have reunited Jerry Yan and Shen Yue are the leads of the new C-drama “Count Your Lucky Stars.” Now to be perfectly fair, this drama is not perfect. If you take it too seriously, you may find yourselves rolling your eyes at the tropes or the rough dubbing. But if you’re just looking for a fun breezy drama that you can unwind to at the end of your busy day, then this one would be good for you! It’s only 34 episodes long with each episode coming in at around 40 minutes, so you’ll breeze through them fast.

My favorite scene from the whole drama: Three women sipping tea while watching their child-like men brawling. 

And at the heart of the drama are our two main characters, Lu Xing Cheng (Jerry Yan), a fashion designer who became a fashion editor instead due to a trauma, and Tong Xiao You (Shen Yue), a talented up-and-coming fashion designer looking for a chance to prove herself. Fate constantly brings them together, and they realize how lucky they are to have found each other.

Here are some instances of how Tong Xiao You and Lu Xing Cheng keep finding a way into each other’s lives, and some of their sweet moments together:

Warning: Spoilers ahead. (But none from the finale). 

When Tong Xiao You first meets Lu Xing Cheng

Before adult Tong Xiao You and adult Lu Xing Cheng come across each other in the workplace, they actually have a very important encounter 10 years prior. When Xiao You was only 14, she went to a fashion exhibition where she saw a beautiful dress named “Niki.” The designer of the dress went up to her and affirmed her dreams of one day being able to create something just as inspiring. This very interaction is what motivates Xiao You to eventually become a fashion designer herself. And the designer of “Niki”? None other than a young(er) Lu Xing Cheng. That’s what we call written in the stars!

When Tong Xiao You and Lu Xing Cheng first “kiss”

The drama establishes right away that Xiao You is someone who has terrible luck, whereas Lu Xing Cheng is swimming in good luck. And a way for them to switch lucks is, you guessed it, through a kiss. After getting into a big fight at work, the two get a little drunk (separately), and Xiao You seeks out Lu Xing Cheng to give him a piece of her mind. Halfway through another squabble, Lu Xing Cheng falls over into Xiao You’s arm, and their lips accidentally touch. Yes it’s quite trope-y, but at least they switched it to have the guy fall into the girl’s arms.

Jerry Yan’s core-slash-waist has to be pretty good to hold on to that pose, right?

When Tong Xiao You accidentally runs into Lu Xing Cheng

News about Lu Xing Cheng’s traumatic history is brought up on the radio — he and his mother were in a car accident, and the mother died on impact — and Xiao You happens to hear the broadcast while driving. Alarmed by the news, she swerves her car and runs into… Lu Xing Cheng. With her car. That’s got to be fate, right?

This incident sets of a domino of events, starting with Xiao You looking after him in the hospital and her also realizing that their lucks switched because of the “kiss.”

When Lu Xing Cheng hides in the stairwell for Tong Xiao You

We see Lu Xing Cheng starting to give Xiao You special attention prior to the accident by doing things like keeping candy with him just in case her blood sugar drops too low. But one of his earliest big moves is when he’s in the hospital and hears that Xiao You has planned an interview with Professor Lu, a big shot in the fashion industry. Knowing that this Professor Lu is notorious for ignoring Chic (the magazine Lu Xing Cheng and Xiao You work at), Lu Xing Cheng quietly arranges for another interview and conducts it while hiding in a stairwell. When Xiao You finds out that he did all this for her without even saying a word, she is touched, and the two nearly share a proper kiss.

When Lu Xing Cheng moves in

Lu Xing Cheng takes advantage of his injuries and insists on staying with Xiao You and her roommate while he recovers. And throughout this whole stay, Xiao You constantly tries to land a kiss on Lu Xing Cheng so she can return him his good luck. It’s quite adorable seeing her try so hard to kiss him and him avoiding her however he can. The chemistry between the two is the best during these push-and-pull scenes.

When Lu Xing Cheng turns himself into a bullseye

When a scandal involving Lu Xing Cheng and Xiao You breaks out (the media implies that Xiao You is sleeping her way up the career ladder), Lu Xing Cheng initially takes a “ignore-them-and-they-will-go-away” approach like he usually does. But seeing how badly Xiao You’s work and family life is affected by it, he decides to direct all the negative press towards him instead and give Xiao You her peace and quiet back. Thus, Lu Xing Cheng holds a press conference and insists that he was only using the scandal as a form of noise marketing in order to hype his return as a fashion designer. He also lies to Xiao You and tells her he was only using her all this while, and Xiao You believes him.

They then finally have their second kiss because Xiao You insists on returning his luck to him, but we all know he just really wants to kiss her after having no choice but to hurt her.

When Tong Xiao You falls sick

After having their big fight and running home heartbroken in the rain, Xiao You falls sick. Lu Xing Cheng discovers this when he goes to her place to collect his belongings, so he asks her roommate to take care of her. The roommate later calls Lu Xing Cheng and tells him Xiao You is too stubborn and is still staying up to finish a dress she’s working on for a competition, so Lu Xing Cheng goes over again to secretly help her finish the dress instead, as well as make sure her fever breaks.

When Tong Xiao You gets drunk

Learning that Lu Xing Cheng was the one who helped her finish the dress and was helping her yet again in the actual competition, Xiao You realizes she can’t hold her feelings in any longer. She goes to his workshop, drunk, and confesses to him that she really, really likes him and that she misses him a lot. Lu Xing Cheng, happy that she’s coming to terms with how she feels, whispers that he misses her too.

When Tong Xiao You and Lu Xing Cheng define their relationship

When Xiao You and Lu Xing Cheng bump into each other while outside, they ditch their respective (platonic) dates and choose to hang out with each other instead. Lu Xing Cheng walks her over to a gazebo so they can talk, and now that she’s gotten over her ideas of good and bad luck, he leans in to kiss her. She stops him, saying that he can’t kiss her because they aren’t in a relationship, but he retorts that in his heart, they’re already together. He kisses her on the forehead, and she returns the kiss, stamping their marks on each other in a way, and officially entering coupledom.

When Lu Xing Cheng is the perfect son-in-law-to-be

Throughout the drama, Lu Xing Cheng has met Xiao You’s parents plenty of times, even going over to her house to have meals with them alone. So when Xiao You’s father discovers he has cancer and needs surgery, Lu Xing Cheng is the strong supportive pillar for the frantic mom and daughter. He naturally takes on the role of the son-in-law, helping out with hospital arrangements and providing positive encouragement to the whole family when needed, and even kisses Xiao You to give her his good luck to ease her mind.

Lu Xing Cheng may not be the perfect guy, especially when it comes to his temper and his tendency to say things he doesn’t really mean, but his actions always speak louder than his words. He’ll always be there for Xiao You and those she cares about, and she the same, and that’s all that really matters.

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Have you watched this drama? If yes, what are your thoughts on the dubbing? And which of their moments together is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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