On the September 11 episode of “I-LAND,” the contestants performed their third “concept test” and another trainee was eliminated.

After Ta-ki was eliminated last week, the remaining ten contestants had to rearrange their units. Sunoo, who was ranked No. 1 in the global vote results, was given the option of choosing his members, and surprised everyone by choosing Sunghoon. Sunghoon, who had been the leader of the “Flame On” team, had to learn a new song and dance in five days.

Sunoo said, “I really wanted to pick Sunghoon. He’s someone who works really hard, so I think he’ll be able to show good results in a short period of time.”

The ten contestants were divided into two units with five members each. One would be doing a “refreshing” concept in the form of “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams),” while the other would be showcasing a “powerful” concept in “Flame On.”

During the episode, the contestants took time off to clean their dorm and had fun dancing to BTS’s “Dynamite.”

During rehearsals, Sunghoon learned the new choreography with the help of his team members but had trouble adapting to the new concept. K was voted the new leader of the “Flame On” team, which continued to have a smooth rehearsal. In the rehearsal evaluations, performance director Son Sung Deuk observed, “The ‘Chamber 5’ team is still lacking. They should be having fun, but you can see that they’re thinking too much, and it makes them look awkward.” In contrast, he praised the “Flame On” team for showing the results of their hard work.

On the day of the concept test, the “Chamber 5” team brought smiles to the producers’ faces as they showcased a concept that had been rarely seen on “I-LAND” to date. The producers said, “Sunoo took to this concept like a fish to water. He seems like he really had fun and did well. Jake was a better fit for this concept than we would’ve thought. Sunghoon worked hard to bring out the nuances and facial expressions in a short amount of time, so we want to give him a high score.” The producers also added, “Heeseung was supposed to lead with his acting, but his expressions left something to be desired. Jungwon was good but there were a few points where he could’ve been stronger.”

For the “Flame On” team, Bang Si Hyuk said, “It was very well done. It felt like watching professionals really tear up the stage. This is what it means to put on a performance. It was very cool.”

Check out both teams’ performances below!

At the end, the producers voted on the contestants’ new rankings.

  1. K
  2. Ni-ki
  3. Sunoo
  4. Heeseung
  5. Sunghoon
  6. Jay
  7. Jake
  8. Daniel
  9. Jungwon
  10. Hanbin

As last place, Hanbin was eliminated from the show. The remaining nine members will go into the final episode next week, which will be broadcast live.

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