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Park Gyu Young recently spoke about her experience working with her “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” co-stars during an interview with Edaily!

In the tvN drama, Park Gyu Young played Nam Joo Ri, a nurse at a psychiatric hospital with a one-sided crush on Kim Soo Hyun’s character Moon Kang Tae.

Regarding her chemistry with her co-stars, Park Gyu Young commented, “If I had good chemistry with someone, that was only possible because my senior actors created a positive atmosphere [on set].”

She shared additional praise for Kim Soo Hyun in particular, remarking, “His acting just goes without saying. The energy that comes from his eyes is incredible. Not just his acting, but his energy is also really amazing. He really sets the tone on set. I thought that it was really impressive he was able to do that amidst our tiring schedule. Just as a person, he treats you warmly. I thought, ‘He isn’t Kim Soo Hyun for nothing.'”

As for Oh Jung Se, who appeared as Kim Soo Hyun’s older brother Moon Sang Tae, Park Gyu Young shared, “He’s so nice. He’s so funny and makes me feel so comfortable. He was also the mood-maker on set, and when he was acting, he truly embodied [the character of] Sang Tae. Watching that made me reflect a ton. If the opportunity arises, I’d want to work with him again in another project.”

Park Gyu Young also described her on-screen mother Kim Mi Kyung as “everyone’s mom,” explaining, “She was the mom on set. The reason the atmosphere on set was so warm had a lot to do with her energy. People say we had really good mother-daughter chemistry, but that was only possible because she gave me the energy of a real mother.”

Although she was acting, Park Gyu Young revealed that she also felt hurt when her character was rejected by Moon Kang Tae. She shared, “When Kang Tae was with me, he would always end up leaving. Since that kept repeating, I thought that Joo Ri must be lonely. Although she was lonely, she became okay in the end because Lee Sang In [played by Kim Joo Heon] came along. That provided a lot of comfort.”

She added with a laugh, “I really wanted to say that Kim Mi Kyung and Kim Joo Heon are so nice. Please make sure you write this.”

Rather than feeling pressure from working with so many veteran actors, Park Gyu Young shared, “I thought I just needed to do what I had to do. Rather than thinking, ‘I need to shine,’ I thought that if I just did my best, Joo Ri would be able to stay within her place in the drama, and I think I’m satisfied with that.”

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