Lee Hyori Explains Why She Deactivated Her Instagram Account

Lee Hyori shared why she made the decision to take a break from social media.

On the September 14 episode of KakaoTV’s “Face ID,” Lee Hyori was shown in the waiting room of a photo shoot. She was deliberating while taking selfies, and she asked people around her for their opinions about uploading them on social media. After the shoot, she had a video call with her husband Lee Sang Soon.

A month later on another shooting set, Lee Hyori said while getting her makeup done, “I’m trying to get rid of Instagram, but I don’t know how so I can’t.” She added, “It’s because it’s always on my mind when I have it.”

When asked about her reason for wanting to delete social media, Lee Hyori said, “One of the several reasons is that I’m spending one or two hours a day looking at it.” She showed a picture of her cat Soon Yi and said, “I was endlessly looking at Instagram and then I realized Soon Yi kept staring at me like this. I wondered, ‘When did Soon Yi start staring at me like that?’ and I felt so sorry about it.”

“This has happened to me a lot,” she continued. “[Lee Sang Soon] and I spend more time looking at our phones than talking to each other. Another reason is that I get asked all kinds of favors via DM. There are a lot of people who ask me to lend them money, that’s the most common thing. There are so many that I can’t even lend it to them all. When someone asks me for that kind of favor, I find it hard to ignore it.”

Lee Hyori went on to say, “The biggest reason wasn’t recent malicious comments. That’s something that I can just accept and deal with.” She then deleted her Instagram, choosing “miscellaneous” as the reason.

She called Lee Sang Soon to let him know that she’d deleted it, and he said, “Good job. Congratulations. Congratulations on escaping from the cyber world.”

Lee Hyori said, “It feels like retiring… I thought, ‘Instagram’s power is different now.’ I said that I’d use another method of communicating with my fans. What else is there? Letters?”

While talking about her fans, she said, “I was planning to end it after uploading a last message, but I suddenly ended it? I’d even written it out in English for global fans,” and she showed her memo app.

Lee Hyori recently shared her intentions to step away from social media, and she posted a last selfie on her Instagram on September 3 before deactivating her account.

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