Park So Dam, Park Bo Gum, And Byun Woo Seok Continue To Pursue Their Dreams In “Record Of Youth”

tvN’s “Record of Youth” released exciting new stills of Park So Dam, Park Bo Gum, and Byun Woo Seok!

The drama is about young people who struggle for their dreams and their love amidst the harsh realities of the modeling industry. Park Bo Gum stars as Sa Hye Joon, an aspiring actor and model, Park So Dam stars as Ahn Jung Ha, an aspiring makeup artist, and Byun Woo Seok stars as Won Hae Hyo, a model who wants to make a name for himself without relying on his family.


Previously, Sa Hye Joon resolved to chase after his dream of becoming an actor once more. He met his turning point in life through a small role in a film, and he was elated just to be able to do something he loves. Determined to face the world head-on and in order to survive in the industry, he drew a hope-filled roadmap with his manager Lee Min Jae (Shin Dong Mi).

The new stills picture Sa Hye Joon working enthusiastically at the filming set. Although he’ll only appear in a few scenes, Sa Hye Joon’s eyes are brimming with confidence. Ahn Jung Ha also attends the set as a staff member for Won Hae Hyo, who is also starring in the movie, and they watch Sa Hye Joon’s scene with great interest. With the gathering of the three young individuals who are each chasing after their own dreams, viewers are curious to find out how Sa Hye Joon and Ahn Jung Ha’s relationship will develop and what kind of friendly rivalry will unfold between Sa Hye Joon and Won Hae Hyo.

More pictures also depict the fierce face off between Sa Hye Joon and Park Do Ha (Kim Gun Woo), who has a leading role in the film. Sa Hye Joon has already caught the eye of the director from the first day of filming with his unique understanding of his character, so viewers are anticipating how he’ll get back at Park Do Ha, who ignored him in the past. Furthermore, Ahn Jung Ha watches the scene unfold up close, raising questions as to whether her feelings towards him will change once again.

Tensions are expected to rise in the upcoming episode with the return of the haughty top star Park Do Ha. The production team shared, “The path in front of Sa Hye Joon is beginning to open up as he showcases his presence as an actor.” They also revealed that another heart-fluttering moment will occur between Sa Hye Joon and Ahn Jung Ha.

The next episode of “Record of Youth” airs on September 21 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Park Bo Gum in “Encounter“:

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