NCT Introduces New Members Shotaro And Sungchan, Revealing Their Personalities, Interests, And More

NCT 2020 welcomed their newest members Shotaro and Sungchan!

On September 23, the members of NCT held a V LIVE broadcast and introduced their two new members.

Previously, SM Entertainment announced that NCT 2020 will include the 21 members of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, along with new members Shotaro and Sungchan, who will be joining a new NCT team that will be launched in the future.

During the broadcast, the members welcomed Shotaro and Sungchan to the stage and began looking at their self-written profiles. Sungchan was first to introduce himself. He said, “I’m the same age as Chenle. I was born in 2001, so I’m 19 years old by international reckoning.”

Sungchan shared that he loves exercising, gaming, and watching cute puppy videos. He named soccer and creating rap songs as his specialties. The members responded, “Sungchan seems like the second Jungwoo,” and they joked that Sungchan might steal Jungwoo’s spot.

On his personality, Sungchan revealed that he’s a bit clumsy and tends to spill food and lose things often. He then chose his tall height, eyes, and unusual personality as his most charming traits. The members agreed, “He seems like he’s from another dimension, and he has a variety of charms.”

Next up was Shotaro, who was born in 2000 and shared that he’s same-age friends with Haechan. Shotaro also said, “My hobby is watching mukbang [eating broadcast], and my specialties are dancing and basketball.” He described himself as having a soft personality and his most charming trait is his eye smile.

The group went on to introduce their newest NCT 2020 project as well, mentioning that it will consist of two parts. The full album “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1” is slated for release on October 12, and “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 2” will be released after that.

They gave a sneak peek at “MAKE A WISH,” which is one of their two title tracks off of “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1.” The members described the song as a pop dance track based on the hip hop genre. They mentioned that the song will have catchy whistling parts.

“We like having a clear concept, which is granting wishes,” they said. “The choreography is also fun to dance along to, so we enjoyed practicing it.”

The second title track “FROM HOME” tells the stories of the NCT members as they go on to achieve their dreams. They shared that the song is even more meaningful because it will have Korean, Chinese, and Japanese lyrics.

“We thought it could get complicated to sing in multiple languages for one song,” they said, “but after we listened to it, the song seemed more diverse, and we liked it.”

Shotaro talked about how he felt working with the other members for “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1.”

“I had a lot of fun because they’re so nice,” he said. “I didn’t get to prepare with them for a long time, but I was happy.”

NCT also introduced “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 2,” which will be released in November. The members commented, “Everything is a secret.” They mentioned that it will be a “secret unit,” emphasizing that the November release will be mysterious. Sungchan will join the team for part two of the NCT 2020 project. They also shared their November album will include retro, hip hop tracks as well as songs in the EDM genre with impressive performances.

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