17 More K-Dramas To Watch When You're Stuck At Home

These days, as people are spending a lot more time at home, we’re also running out of things to do. Our list of K-dramas to watch has dwindled and it’s hard to find some new ones. If you’ve already gone through this first list of 17 K-dramas to watch when you’re stuck at home and are looking for more, then look no further. Here’s a look at 17 more!

If you’re into historical dramas:

Love in the Moonlight

Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) is a eunuch for Crown Prince Lee Young (Park Bo Gum). Lee Young is completely unaware that one of his eunuchs, who are all supposed to be men, is actually a woman. He starts to notice Ra On and is drawn to her, which leads him to take a lot of risks and make a lot of sacrifices in order to be with her.


If you’re a fan of Park Bo Gum, his role as the charming Crown Prince is a must-watch. The characteristics of the Crown Prince and real life Park Bo Gum could be almost identical. He’s fair, just, wears his heart on his sleeve, and is basically perfect. Seeing his romance with Hong Ra On and how much he’s willing to give up for her will have you falling in love with him all over again.

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The Moon Embracing the Sun

Kim Soo Hyun stars as the Crown Prince, Lee Hwon, alongside Han Ga In, who plays Heo Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo and Lee Hwon meet and fall in love at a young age. They decide to get married, but Yeon Woo gets an illness as a result of someone’s evil plan and ends up passing away. She resurrects, but loses all of her memories. Eight years later, Yeon Woo appears once more before Lee Hwon, who has refused to love anyone since Yeon Woo’s death.


“The Moon Embracing the Sun” is a total classic and you’ll be able to see why once you watch it. You could say that this was the drama that brought Kim Soo Hyun to Hallyu status. His charm is evident as he played the love struck Lee Hwon who falls head over heels for Yeon Woo. His devotion to her and the pain he lives with after her death just makes it hard not to swoon over him. The drama is perfect to watch if you like a good romance with strong chemistry.

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Scarlet Heart: Goryeo

IU stars as the lucky damsel Hae Soo in “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.” She gets sent back in time to the Goryeo era where she magically bumps into a royal family of many good-looking princes – and most of them fall in love with her. While she initially falls in love with one and gets her heart broken, she eventually ends up falling in love with the “evil” brother, Wang So (Lee Joon Gi).


It’s a sad and sorrow-filled story, but you also have the pleasure of seeing a lot of eye-candy throughout the drama so we really can’t complain. “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” gained a lot of international popularity and a lot of it was owed to the heartthrob of a main lead Lee Joon Gi. He was able to portray all of the baggage his character had so effortlessly that it was hard to resist his charm. His love with Hae Soo is heartbreakingly romantic, which had a lot of viewers rooting for a second season.

100 Days My Prince

EXO’s D.O. stars as Lee Yul, a crown prince who is cold and stoic. After becoming injured, Lee Yul develops amnesia and meets Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun), a commoner who is working to provide for her father. Lee Yul doesn’t realize it, but prior to getting amnesia, he had passed a law stating that all citizens must get married before the age of 28. Hong Shim must get married to refrain from getting punished, so Lee Yul and Hong Shim are forced to get married.


Nam Ji Hyun and Do Kyung Soo are like a match made in heaven. With Nam Ji Hyun’s natural ability to be comical and Do Kyung Soo’s impeccable acting skills, the two make quite the perfect pair on screen. They were able to effortlessly keep the drama engaging and entertaining from beginning to end. The light-hearted feel of this drama is perfect for when you need an easy watch. It’s both funny and romantic, and you really can’t go wrong with the cast!

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More classics

Stairway to Heaven

Starring Kwon Sang Woo as Song Joo and Choi Ji Woo as Jung Seo, “Stairway to Heaven” was a popular SBS K-drama that aired in 2003. Not only were the two main leads mega stars, but the extended cast was also reputable — Shin Hyun JoonKim Tae HeePark Shin HyeLee Wan, and Baek Sung Hyun.

The story is a tearjerker, as Song Joo and Jung Seo fall in love at a young age but are torn apart as they get older. When they meet again, Jung Seo gets into a tragic accident and suffers from amnesia, which obviously prevents her from being able to remember Song Joo.

One of the best parts about watching a good classic is seeing actors when they were younger. Seeing a younger Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo is not only cool, but you can also see why they were able to rise to such fame at a young age. At the time this drama was aired, Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo were considered to be a couple of the most popular and most sought-after actors in South Korea. Their chemistry is so believable in this drama that they even reunited in another K-drama many years later.

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What Happened in Bali

Ha Ji Won plays Soo Jung, a poor travel agent who is working in Bali trying to make ends meet. She meets Kang In Wook (So Ji Sub) and Jung Jae Min (Jo In Sung) in Bali, and the three get entangled in a serious love triangle. This love triangle is not the type of love triangle that we’re used to today. It’s entwined with passion, seething jealousy, hate, obsession, and mental instability. It’s really a dramatic series that is guaranteed to stick in your mind for years to come.

What makes “What Happened in Bali” so unique is that the story is very unpredictable. You can throw all the K-drama tropes out the window because this drama will keep you on your toes. And when you’ve got such a powerhouse of a cast, you can expect some stellar acting. It’s rare that you’ll get to see such high-esteemed actors in one drama!

Winter Sonata

This classic K-drama starring Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo is one for everyone to watch, especially if you’re a K-drama fan! It’s a painful love story with all of the amazing K-drama tropes. If you’ve been missing the cliche scenes and lines while watching more modern dramas, then you’ll want to check this one out. The release of this K-drama took Asia by storm, and the filming site is still considered a hot tourist attraction to this day.


So much about this drama touched so many people back in the day. It could be because of all the heartbreak that the female lead had to endure to be with her first love again. Their date spots throughout the drama continue to be a big tourist attraction in South Korea which proves its longevity of success! We will never be able to forget that adorable snowman making scene when the two lovebirds first fall in love. It’s a classic K-drama with all the classic tropes and if you want a little taste of what dramas were like back in the day, this one is a guaranteed must-watch!

Full House

<“Full House” stars a young Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun and Rain as Lee Young Jae in this classic love story between a famous star and a normal woman. The two decide to have a contract marriage while living in the same house. Although they’re technically married, they can’t stand each other. They eventually learn to coexist and start to develop feelings as they come to realize they can’t live without the other.


The best part about this drama is seeing Song Hye Kyo star in a rom-com. She was able to bring about so much laughter through her character as Han Ji Eun and people fell head over heels in love with her aegyo! This drama has a lot of the classic tropes but the actors make it that much more entertaining. It’s an easy watch if you don’t want anything too serious and are a fan of either Song Hye Kyo or Rain, or both!

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If you’re looking for dramas based on webtoons

Clean With Passion For Now

“Clean With Passion For Now” stars Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Yoo Jung in an adorable rom-com about first loves. Yoon Kyun Sang plays a cleaning company CEO named Jang Sun Gyeol, who is a serious germaphobe. He meets Gil Oh Sol (Kim Yoo Jung) who, on the other hand, is a little less than clean. She doesn’t care about her appearance, and being neat and tidy are not on the top of her busy list of things to do. The two meet and form a hate relationship at first, but then it slowly progresses into like and love.


If you like a drama that’s sweet and cute, “Clean With Passion For Now” is perfect. It’s a light-hearted watch with likeable characters and a story that flows pretty well. A lot of it is owed to the writer of the webtoon, Aaengo, but Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang are both so charming and adorable together. You’re also bound to get a bad case of second lead syndrome with Song Jae Rim.

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Cheese in the Trap

“Cheese in the Trap” is based on the successful webtoon written by Soonkki. The story involves college students who get entangled in a love triangle. Kim Go Eun plays Hong Seol, Park Hae Jin plays Yoo Jung, and Seo Kang Joon plays Baek In Ho.

Yoo Jung is the first to confess his feelings to Hong Seol, and without putting much thought into it, she accepts his confession and they start to date. Meanwhile, Seol has gotten very close to In Ho, who is Jung’s sworn enemy. Seol is constantly caught in the middle and this acts as a huge stress factor for her.


There was a lot of excitement from fans of this particular webtoon when it was announced that this would be made into a drama. Not to mention, Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin being cast as the leads seemed like a dream come true. The drama stayed accurate to the webtoon for the most part, but because the webtoon wasn’t finished, the ending had to be made up. If you’re looking for a great love triangle, a complex male lead, and Kim Go Eun showcasing her acting chops, then this one is the one to binge!

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My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Kang Mi Rae (Im Soo Hyang) has always been self-conscious about her physical appearance. It affects her so much that she decides that getting plastic surgery is the only way that she can live her life. On the first day of University, Mi Rae becomes excited to start her new life, but she runs into Do Kyung Suk (Cha Eun Woo), a very handsome and popular boy that she used to go to elementary school with. Kyung Suk recognizes Mi Rae pretty quickly and he starts to realize that his feelings for her are more than just that of surface level.


With Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo as the OTP, why wouldn’t you want to watch this drama? The two are quite the visuals and their chemistry is also very evident! When it was announced that Cha Eun Woo would be taking the role as the very good-looking and popular Do Kyung Suk, people were very well pleased with the decision for obvious reasons. This drama doesn’t only touch on superficial looks as the title may suggest, but it’s also got a lot of depth that focuses on the beauty within.

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If you’re a sucker for a first love romance tale

Angel Eyes

“Angel Eyes” stars Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun as first loves who get separated after tragedy strikes. Years later, they meet again and cannot get over the love that they once felt for each other when they were younger. This journey of them reigniting their love and figuring out how to be together despite their tragic pasts is a story you don’t want to miss!


The best part about “Angel Eyes” is the journey viewers are able to go on with Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) and Yoon Soo Wan (Ky Hye Sun). In the first few episodes, we see how the two meet and fall in love when they are younger and it sets the pace for their developing romance as adults. Their history, the intensity of their love, and the depth make their story that more beautiful and romantic.

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Love Rain

“Love Rain” is a classic first love K-drama. It stars Jang Geun Suk as Seo Joon and YoonA as Jung Ha Na. Seo Joon is a hotshot photographer who is also a bit of a playboy. He meets Ha Na and the two fall in love, but what makes their relationship special is that it has ties with their parents’ love story. They come to realize that their fate is intertwined far more than they could have ever imagined.


This drama is everything sweet and innocent. It’ll give you all the butterflies that anyone would get from a first love. The way they first meet and their interactions will have you rooting for their romance to succeed. There’s also the fact that the two are destined to be together from a deep rooted secret that no one could have ever imagined. “Love Rain” also has a very nostalgic and retro feel as some parts take place in the ’70s, which also helps add to the romantic feels.

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Who Are You: School 2015

In this drama, Kim So Hyun plays both Lee Eun Bi and Lee Eun Byul, twin girls who are separated at a young age. When Eun Byul disappears one day, Eun Bi takes her place. Han Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk) likes Eun Byul, and without knowing it, also starts to like the new Eun Byul, who is really Eun Bi.


Whether you’re in high school or not, this series is bound to suck you in. It involves one of the most heartbreaking love triangles ever and even if you’re not a big fan of the trope, you’re almost guaranteed to be entranced by Yook Sungjae‘s charm. You’ll love seeing his transformation and love for Eun Bi grow throughout the series. Kim So Hyun is also flawless at portraying high school students and you’ll appreciate not only her acting skills but her ability to captivate your attention when she’s on screen. Her charisma is so strong!

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Action and love


Ji Chang Wook plays the antihero named Seo Jung Hoo, who spends his nights running errands in order to save money. He does this so he can live the rest of his life secluded from the world, until one day, he falls in love with Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young).

There are many reasons why this drama was a success and still continues to garner a huge fan base. First of all, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young need to reunite in another drama together because their chemistry is undeniably strong. They somehow pull off being sexy and cute at the same time and their emotional scenes together were very impressionable. The drama also had amazing action scenes that were thoroughly entertaining. Even for people who aren’t into action, this series will have you on the edge of your seat! It’ll be hard not to binge-watch this one, so make sure you start early in the day.


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Lee Seung Gi has been pretty busy in the variety show world, so it’s great to see him on the small screen. The drama was highly anticipated mainly because he’d be starring alongside Suzy, whom he had starred with previously in the K-drama “Gu Family Book.”

This drama starts off strong, which would make it really hard to have to wait weekly for new episodes to come out. Thankfully, the series is completed so you can watch it all in one go! “Vagabond” is almost like a movie in that the action scenes are incredibly entertaining and every scene is basically a cliffhanger. It also helps to see the visually appealing team of Lee Seung Gi and Suzy on screen; these two are perfection!

Flower of Evil

In “Flower of Evil,” Lee Joon Gi plays a character named Baek Hee Sung, who seems to be the perfect father and husband. His wife, Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won), is a detective and while she’s uncovering secrets, she discovers a string of truths that could destroy her family for good.

If you like some edge-of-your-seat action and romance, this drama will hit all the right notes. The action scenes in “Flower of Evil” is able to fully keep you on your toes and the romance will have you yearning for more. It’s got a fast-paced storyline and Lee Joon Gi’s acting will likely send chills down your spine. Also can’t fail to mention that the chemistry between Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won will likely break your heart. They’re that good together.


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And if you’ve watched all these titles, feel free to check out the other feature on hidden gem K-dramas here. Happy drama watching!

Hey Soompiers, which of these K-dramas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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