Go Ara Sends Sweet Gift To “Miss Hammurabi” Co-Star Kim Myung Soo

Go Ara sent a thoughtful gift to Kim Myung Soo!

On September 29, Kim Myung Soo’s agency Management Leesang said, “Go Ara sent a coffee truck to the set of actor Kim Myung Soo’s new KBS2 drama ‘Secret Royal Inspector‘ (working title) in the afternoon and showed her support.”

“Secret Royal Inspector” is a comedy-mystery historical drama that tells the story of a secret royal detective who battles corruption for the common people. Kim Myung Soo will play Sung Yi Kyum, a busuchan (a type of public official) in the Hongmungwan, the Office of Special Advisors, which was the Joseon Dynasty’s administrative and research agency.

Go Ara, who will star in a new drama of her own, sent a message along with the coffee truck that reads, “We support Judge Im Ba Reun, who is now a secret royal inspector. To all the staff members of ‘Secret Royal Inspector,’ please stay healthy!”

Kim Myung Soo responded, “Thank you for the sweet show of support. I’ll stay strong and work hard at filming. I also hope your upcoming drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ will be a big hit.”

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Go Ara and Kim Myung Soo worked together in the 2018 JTBC drama “Miss Hammurabi,” playing the judges Park Cha Oh Reum and Im Ba Reun, and the two actors have maintained a close friendship ever since. Kim Myung Soo recently sent a coffee truck to the set of her upcoming drama.

Watch Go Ara and Kim Myung Soo in “Miss Hammurabi” below!

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