Update: Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara, Lee Yi Kyung, And Lee Tae Hwan Confirmed For New Historical Drama

Updated September 10 KST: 

Along with Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara, Lee Yi Kyung, and Lee Tae Hwan have confirmed their casting in the new historical drama “Secret Royal Inspector” (working title).

Kwon Nara will be playing the role of Hong Da In, a beautiful and spirited gisaeng who is actually a damo (a woman who works for a Joseon government office) working undercover. She teams up with Sung Yi Kyum (Kim Myung Soo’s character) when he is appointed the secret royal inspector.

Lee Yi Kyung will be playing the role of Park Choon Sam, Sung Yi Kyum’s servant. He is a warmhearted and lovable character who talks and cries a lot but also has a lot of cunning.

Lee Tae Hwan will be playing the role of Sung Yi Bum, Sung Yi Kyum’s half-brother. His father was yangban (an aristocrat) and his mother was a servant, and the awkward situation of his birth puts him in conflict with his brother Sung Yi Kyum.

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Kim Myung Soo has confirmed his casting in a new drama!

Back in June, Kim Myung Soo was reported to be in talks for the main role in the drama “Secret Royal Inspector” (literal translation). Other actors like Kwon Nara, Lee Yi Kyung, and Lee Tae Hwan were also reported to be in talks for the cast.

On September 10, Kim Myung Soo’s agency, Management Leesang, confirmed that Kim Myung Soo had accepted the casting offer. Through his agency, Kim Myung Soo stated, “I’m happy and nervous about taking on a title role in the historical drama ‘Secret Royal Inspector.’ Secret royal inspectors were like the Kingsmen of the Joseon Dynasty, so I’m excited to be taking on such a cool role. I will do my best to show you the best of my acting.”

A secret royal inspector, which is a real historical position unique to the Joseon Dynasty, was a government official who was specially appointed by the king and dispatched incognito to local provinces to hear the stories of the people and monitor officials for corruption.

Kim Myung Soo will be playing the role of Sung Yi Kyum, a busuchan (a type of public official) in the Hongmungwan, the Office of Special Advisors, which was the Joseon Dynasty’s administrative and research agency.

Sung Yi Kyum lives only for the moment and has no ambitions for his future. He won first place in the civil service examination, but is caught gambling and is punished by being forced into the position of secret royal inspector. The drama will follow his adventures as he solves various problems of the Joseon people in his new role.

Check out Kim Myung Soo in the drama “Meow, the Secret Boy” below!

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