SuperM Talks About Performing During The Pandemic, Moving Between Group And Solo Careers, And More

On October 1, SuperM’s interview for the Grammy Museum’s streaming service Collection: Live was broadcast.

In the interview with Scott Goldman, SuperM talked about their Beyond LIVE concert in April, their Billboard 200-topping EP “SuperM” last year, their new full-length album “Super One,” balancing their individual and various group careers, and more.

Asked about how they’ve been spending time during the pandemic, with social distancing guidelines established in most places around the world, Baekhyun said, “Because I couldn’t go outside, I spent a lot of time listening to music and practicing singing.” Kai added, “I had a lot of time to work on my individual skills. I worked on my own music, worked on stuff to improve myself. I also believe that mental health is really important, so I took care of that as well.”

Scott Goldman asked about what it was like to perform livestream concerts now that in-person events are no longer possible. Mark said, “We were the first performers to ever use the Beyond LIVE platform. We were a little hesitant at first, because we weren’t sure how we would interact with the fans virtually. There’s a ‘live’ feeling that can only be felt when you’re there in person with the audience. It was a different approach for all of us, but we got to reach so many fans all at once, which wouldn’t be possible in a venue. We wanted to look at the pros more than the cons.”

Lucas added that the preparation process was different because they had to think about how it would appear on camera rather than how it would appear to a live audience.

About performing to audiences around the world, Taemin said, “There’s a different reaction for each audience, but the main attitude of ‘let’s all have fun together’ remains the same. When we perform, we try to adapt the performance to the culture of the fans. When we performed in the United States, even though I’m not an extroverted person, I was able to become more expressive. At the same time, I think we were able to showcase our unique appeal as K-pop artists.”

One question was about how the members navigated the shift as they moved back and forth between SuperM and their various other groups. SuperM describes themselves as an “Avengers” style group that is formed from the members of EXO, NCT/WayV, and SHINee. Kai said, “I’m one of the youngest members in EXO, but one of the oldest members in SuperM. This is something that happens naturally as I move through my career. In general, the dynamic changes when you put in different types of people. As for concepts, it’s not that I have one concept for EXO and one for SuperM. I try to focus on and express the concept that is given to me at the time.

About SuperM’s group dynamic, Taeyong said, “There are a lot of concepts that are possible within this group. I think that there is the potential for performances that fans have never seen before. There’s so much that we haven’t had the chance to show yet. I’d love to show new concepts and new performances in the future.”

Ten shared that his solo music style had changed after joining SuperM, saying, “When I wasn’t in SuperM, I released a very Oriental-inspired single, but after I worked with SuperM, my music style changed a little. I’m more into R&B, hip-hop, mid-paced music. I hope that I can showcase more of that color and style in the future.”

Kai replied to a question about being handpicked by Lee Soo Man and said, “He’s definitely a legend. Not everyone who joins SM gets to meet him – that’s how much of a legend he is. It’s not that we were picked because we were so amazing, but that he had a clear vision of what he wanted the group to be.”

SuperM dropped their full-length album “Super One” on September 25, along with the title track “One (Monster & Infinity),” and are currently starring in the reality shows “Mtopia” and “As We Wish. In future, whether it’s SuperM, SuperW, or SuperK, I’d be ready.”

Check out “SuperM: The Beginning” below!

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