Key Points That Will Amp Up The Excitement In The Second Half Of

Things are about to become more tense in the second half of “Lie After Lie”!

The suspense-romance drama stars Lee Yoo Ri as Ji Eun Soo, a woman who puts her life on the line with a dangerous lie in order to be reunited with her biological daughter. After marrying into a chaebol family, Ji Eun Soo finds herself branded a husband-killer in the blink of an eye – and during her imprisonment for her husband’s murder, she loses custody of her daughter.


So far, the drama has caught the attention of viewers with its original characters, dynamic plot, and unpredictable twists and turns. Here are three key points that will further heighten the excitement of “Lie After Lie”!

The culprit

The main question is, who killed Ji Eun Soo’s husband Jeon Ki Bum (Song Jae Hee)? While everyone accused Ji Eun Soo of being the murderer, Kang Ji Min (Yeon Jung Hoon) was the only one who suspected something was off. However, he failed to uncover the truth because Kim Ho Ran (Lee Il Hwa), Ji Eun Soo’s former mother-in-law, sabotaged his investigation. Since then, viewers have pointed out Ji Eun Soo, Kim Ho Ran, and Yoon Sang Kyu (Lee Won Jung) as the three primary suspects.

The enemies

Kim Ho Ran harbors resentment towards Ji Eun Soo for the loss of her one and only son. To pay her back, Kim Ho Ran ordered her former secretary Yoon Sang Kyu to kill Ji Eun Soo’s daughter Kang Woo Joo (Go Na Hee). However, Yoon Sang Kyu ended up putting Kang Woo Joo in an orphanage instead, and Kim Ho Ran grew enraged when she found out Kang Woo Joo was still alive.

On top of that, Eun Se Mi (Im Joo Eun) despises Ji Eun Soo for being too close to her ex-husband Kang Ji Min. Eun Se Mi found out Ji Eun Soo is actually Kang Woo Joo’s biological mother and joined hands with Kim Ho Ran to ruin Ji Eun Soo’s life.

If that’s not enough, Ji Eun Soo may have one more enemy: Yoon Sang Kyu. At first, it seemed like he was helping her because he wanted to atone for his actions in the past. However, things are unclear as it seems like he may once again side with Kim Ho Ran. This unpredictable relationship will increase the tension to the highest level.

3. The romance

Fortunately, Ji Eun Soo has one person on her side, and it’s Kang Ji Min, the one who adopted Kang Woo Joo. However, she might lose him too if he finds out she was just using him to regain her daughter. In addition, Eun Se Mi is determined to return to her place by Kang Ji Min, while Kim Yeon Joon (Kwon Hwa Woon) is willing to do anything for Ji Eun Soo. These two characters will drive a wedge between Ji Eun Soo and Kang Ji Min and make it even harder for them to get their happily ever after.

“Lie After Lie” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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