tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Record of Youth” follows Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) on a bittersweet journey of chasing after his dreams. With the ninth episode airing tonight, October 5, the story will give way to the second act. Sa Hye Joon has reached the brink of stardom, but will the rest of the characters continue towards their dreams too? Also, despite all obstacles, will they continue to fight for love? In light of these questions and the beginning of the drama’s second half, the production staff has revealed four major details to keep on the lookout for in upcoming episodes.


Will rising star Sa Hye Joon’s path to fame be smooth sailing?

Right as he was about to give up on his dreams, an opportunity came knocking on the door. Sa Hye Joon took advantage of it and is now a step closer to his end goal. It was too often that he had to face cold criticism, fight off dangerous temptations, and be discouraged by his bleak reality. But he always bounced back with boldness and is finally on the doorstep of making his dreams come true. However, a sense of danger lingers because Lee Tae Su (Lee Chang Hoon), the CEO of Sa Hye Joon’s previous agency, is making moves to undo Sa Hye Joon’s progress. While the first act was focused on Sa Hye Joon’s run towards his goals, the second act will be about his growth through struggling to survive in the fierce world he finds himself in. Whether Sa Hye Joon will stay true to himself as he gets closer to becoming a true actor will be an interesting point.

Will Sa Hye Joon and Ahn Jung Ha manage to secure both love and success?

Both characters found comfort in one another after enduring their journeys on their own. The two first seeped into each other’s lives by sharing their pains and now are the only ones to share in each other’s joys and sorrows of life. But as their love grows deeper, there are more obstacles to overcome. Sa Hye Joon finds it increasingly difficult to make time for Ahn Jung Ha after finding success as an actor, and he ends up hurting Ahn Jung Ha’s feelings without intending to. To make things worse, a couple of unexpected twists are awaiting the couple. First, Sa Hye Joon’s former girlfriend Jeong Ji Ah (Seol In Ah) shows up at a celebratory gathering for Sa Hye Joon. Second, Won Hae Hyo (Byun Woo Seok) finally realizes his feelings for Ahn Jung Ha. Will the couple make it through these hardships? And if so, how?

What decisions will the characters make at their individual life’s crossroads?

The changes and growth the young characters will go through are the main focal points of the second act. Unlike Sa Hye Joon’s career which has just started to take off, Ahn Jung Ha’s reality remains bleak. Her decision to no longer be passive, proclaimed to a pearl designer, previews her shift in attitude. Won Hae Hyo will have to adjust to a slight difference in dynamic with his best friend Sa Hye Joon, causing him to mature. Also, he always thought that everything was a result of his hard work, but he is expected to come face to face with a reality unlike any he has known before. The three young adults have come this far by encouraging and supporting one another, but they are starting to split off into different directions. What choices will they make, and where will those choices take them?

Upcoming special appearances

“Record of Youth” tells the story of young adults maturing as they meet and foster relationships with numerous others. As it is so, the special appearances made by several stars have garnered much attention. Kim Hye Yoon made an appearance as top star Park Do Ha’s former girlfriend, while Kim Gun Woo is making a strong impression as Park Do Ha, Sa Hye Joon’s rival. Seo Hyun Jin played Lee Hyun Soo, the main character of medical drama “Gateway.” This is the drama in which Sa Hye Joon had his breakout role. Seol In Ah has also graced “Record of Youth” as Jeong Ji Ah, Sa Hye Joon’s former girlfriend. In the second act, the lineup of special appearances will continue to feature big names as we follow Sa Hye Joon’s path to more fame. Starting with Park Seo Joon, who appears as a senior model and top star, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Lee Sung Kyung, and Kang Han Na are set to give a more realistic portrayal of the entertainment industry. Expectations are high on how these actors and actresses will add to the drama’s energy.

Senior producer Kim Sun Tae says that he plans on highlighting the process of maturing through unexpected trials in life. Moreover, he will present a worthwhile story in the second act featuring special appearances and Sa Hye Joon’s crossovers between modern and periodical pieces.

“Record of Youth” will kick off its second act with its ninth episode tonight, October 5, at 9 p.m. KST.

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