Nafla, Loopy, BLOO, Owen, And Young West Admit To Marijuana Use + Agency Issues Statement

It has been reported that Nafla, Loopy, BLOO, Owen, and Young West admitted to marijuana use last year.

On October 19, the outlet Channel A reported that the five artists from the agency MKIT Rain Records were caught by the police last year after using marijuana.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Unit reportedly conducted a search and seizure on the agency in September 2019 as part of an investigation into drug-related suspicions regarding one of the rappers.

It’s said that Nafla stated during police questioning that he had smoked marijuana with others including Loopy in a studio at the agency. He also reportedly stated that Young West had obtained the marijuana. It’s reported that Owen received marijuana from a third party and he admitted to smoking it with fellow rappers and others two times.

The police forwarded the five artists to the prosecution on suspicions of violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics, etc. Channel A reported that indictment was suspended for four of the artists in consideration of factors such as them being first offenders.

Their agency stated to Channel A, “The members acknowledge their wrongdoing and are deeply reflecting. We have put plans for disciplinary action in place to ensure this does not happen again.”

Nafla and Loopy competed on the rapper competition show “Show Me the Money 777” in 2018, with Nafla coming in first and Loopy being the runner-up. Owen appeared last Friday on the new season of the show, “Show Me the Money 9.” BLOO recently gained attention for his sleeper hit “Downtown Baby,” which topped charts.

Later on October 19, MKIT Rain issued the following statement:

Hello, this is MKIT Rain Records.

We are conveying our official statement regarding the suspension of prosecution for MKIT Rain Records artists over charges of smoking marijuana, which was reported on today through television and news articles.

First, we bow our heads in apology toward all the people who were disappointed and shocked by the news related to our agency’s artists.

All of our artists were investigated last year for suspicions of having smoked marijuana. During the police investigation, all the artists earnestly took part in the investigation in accordance with the legal process. Their urine tests all came back negative. However, they admitted during this process to smoking marijuana in 2019, and in July they ultimately received a suspension of indictment, with Young West’s trial currently ongoing.

In regard to this, all of the MKIT Rain Records members acknowledge their wrongdoing, are sincerely regretful, and are deeply reflecting. Our agency feels a heavy responsibility over this happening. In order to ensure this does not happen again, our agency has put measures in place to prevent this from occurring as well as disciplinary measures, and we plan to deal with this firmly.

Our current management has all been changed, as well as our management methods. We are closely managing and checking aspects such as the private lives of our artists. We will continue to do our best in terms of the management of our artists.

We once again apologize for causing concern for the fans who always love MKIT Rain Records and everyone who has shown sincere interest.

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