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On October 24, after a record-setting run in viewership ratings for Channel A dramas, “Lie After Lie” came to an end.

“Lie After Lie” is a melodrama about a woman (Lee Yoo Ri) who marries into a wealthy family only to be convicted of murdering her husband. She gives birth to a daughter in prison, who is adopted by a kind-hearted, justice-loving journalist (Yeon Jung Hoon). After she is released from prison, she devises a plan to marry the journalist and become her biological daughter’s stepmother.

In an interview on Channel A’s “News A,” Lee Yoo Ri said, “I wanted to act out a heartbreaking story. I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much while rehearsing scripts.” She added that since she had taken on a character she had never played before, she was happy that it received a favorable response. She continued, “I acted with the mindset that there must be people in Ji Eun Soo [her character]’s situation. I could feel that the viewers also wanted Eun Soo to have a happy ending.”

In a statement from his agency, Yeon Jung Hoon said, “I want to thank all the people who watched ‘Lie After Lie.’ All the staff pooled their strength to create a good production, so I’m happy that it got good results. I learn a lot from working with new people with every project, but I really feel like I’ve learned many things from this production.”

Kwon Hwa Woon said, “I’m sad that we’re already at the end. I had a lot of anticipation and worries because I wasn’t sure how I would express this character of Kim Yeon Joon in the drama, so I prepared a lot for this production. This is the first melodrama that I’ve tried, so I threw myself into it with the mindset that I needed to express a human interior, longing, and the passion that could do anything for the one you love. The atmosphere on set was really good and all the cast members could work hard due to the efforts of the staff. It was an honor to be able to be in unrequited love with Lee Yoo Ri, and I expected nothing less from Yeon Jung Hoon’s acting and I learned a lot from him. This project was an extremely valuable experience for my acting career.”

Im Joo Eun said, “I am grateful to the brilliant director and the senior and junior actors, as well as all the staff members on set. I hope that just as the drama ended on a warm note, it will remain a sincere and warm memory in viewers’ hearts.”

Yoon Sung Mo said, “It was grateful and awe-inspiring for me to be in a drama for the first time in Korea. I was lacking in a lot of ways and there were things I regretted, but I’m grateful for the help of the amazing staff and senior and junior actors in being able to appear in such a good drama. I hope that I can promote more actively in Korea through this project, and will work hard to achieve this goal.”

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