Kim Ha Neul, Golden Child’s Bomin, And Lee Do Hyun Encounter Unexpected Situations In “18 Again”

JTBC’s “18 Again” released new stills for the upcoming episode!

The drama “18 Again” is about a man on the brink of divorce who suddenly finds himself back in the body of his 18-year-old self. Lee Do Hyun plays the teenage version of the protagonist who goes by the name Go Woo Young, while Yoon Sang Hyun plays the older version named Hong Dae Young. Kim Ha Neul plays his wife Jung Da Jung.


In the last episode, Jung Da Jung was conflicted after being offered to host a program about divorce, especially when she leaned that only three of the four rookie annou ncers would be made into regular employees. However, she only briefly contemplated before receiving support from her family and deciding to take on the program.

The newly released stills reveal Kim Ha Neul on the set of her program’s first live broadcast. In the photo, Kim Ha Neul stands in the middle of the studio in her stunning red suit while tightly holding on to her cue sheet with a steadfast expression.

The production team shared, “This week, Kim Ha Neul will begin working as the MC for the divorce program. Please show lots of interest and anticipation for Kim Ha Neul who will perform professionally while continuing to shine amidst various unexpected situations that occur during the live broadcast.”

Furthermore, last week’s broadcast also made Seo Ji Ho (Golden Child’s Bomin) misunderstand Go Woo Young’s (Lee Do Hyun’s) feelings when he saw Go Woo Young take care of Hong Si Ah (Noh Jung Ui). Seo Ji Ho is completely unaware that Go Woo Young and Hong Si Ah share a father and daughter relationship, making viewers even more curious about how the relationships between the three will develop.

In a different set of stills, Go Woo Young and Hong Si Ah are watching a baseball game when Seo Ji Ho approaches them. Go Woo Young is shocked, and Seo Ji Ho is also flustered, but Hong Si Ah surprisingly looks calm and unbothered.

Another photo also hilariously depicts Go Woo Young and Seo Ji Ho fuming with jealousy while watching Hong Si Ah take an affectionate selfie with Ye Ji Hoon (Wi Ha Joon). As Hong Si Ah smiles brightly for the camera, Go Woo Young and Seo Ji Ho have their arms crossed in clear displeasure. With both Jung Da Jung and Hong Si Ah acting friendly with Ye Ji Hoon, viewers are curious to see how Go Woo Young will respond in the upcoming broadcast.

The next episode of “18 Again” airs on October 26 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Kim Ha Neul in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” below:

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