Watch: MAMAMOO Reacts To Their Own

MAMAMOO has shared a fun reaction video for their new “AYA” music video!

On November 8, MAMAMOO released a clip of themselves watching their latest music video for the very first time. The clip begins with Solar explaining that even though they’ve seen early edits of the video, it’s their first time watching the final version that will be officially released.

While watching their video, the MAMAMOO members switch back and forth between reacting with awe, playfully imitating each other, and cracking up as they recall behind-the-scenes stories from filming. They also repeatedly note similarities to their fiery concept for “Egotistic,” with Solar adding, “But this is even spicier.” Wheein chimes in, “Our choreography this time is our hardest yet.”

Afterwards, the four members share their thoughts on the music video. Moonbyul mentions that her backup dancers actually carried her during filming and thanks them for their hard work, remarking, “Everyone involved really added to the quality of the music video, so I think it came out great. I could also feel [while watching] that we were trying our best to show new sides of MAMAMOO.”

Wheein responds, “It has a totally different charm from our pre-release track [‘Dingga‘], and I really like that.” Solar agrees, “I think it came out the way we wanted, and I really like it.”

Hwasa comments, “These kinds of fierce concepts can sometimes come off as being over-the-top, but I think that the concept for this [music video] came out really well.” Moonbyul chimes in, “I think it came out well too. When we first posed for the [concept] photos, we worried, ‘This concept is really strong. Is it too much?’ But after seeing the music video, I think it all goes well together.”

Hwasa goes on to add, “I think this vibe really matches the song: a woman who has experienced so much pain because of love that she becomes really fierce.”

The MAMAMOO members also talk about their individual scenes in the music video, with Solar mentioning that her eyebrow look was inspired by Frida Kahlo. Wheein recalls with a laugh that her glamorous white hat for the video was so heavy that she couldn’t keep it on for very long, so she wasn’t able to wear it in as many scenes as she wanted.

Hwasa also reveals that in keeping with the song’s metaphor of a rotten tooth, she actually filmed a scene that involved literally brushing teeth—but the scene was ultimately scrapped out of fear that it might seem too much like a comedy sketch.

Check out MAMAMOO’s reaction to their “AYA” music video below!

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