Watch: BTS Receives 2020 Music Innovator Award From Wall Street Journal’s WSJ. Magazine

BTS spoke about their career, the meaning of “innovation,” and more as they accepted the 2020 Music Innovator Award from WSJ. Magazine!

The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ. Magazine celebrated its 10th annual Innovator Awards on November 11 local time with a virtual gala, and BTS was named the 2020 Music Innovator.

The group shared their thoughts in a video as part of the ceremony. They were introduced by talk show host James Corden, and Korean-American restaurateur and TV personality David Chang shared his excitement about seeing BTS’ success and global popularity, comparing them to the Beatles.

BTS’s members then spoke in their own individual interviews, with Jin beginning by saying it was an honor to even be compared to the Beatles. RM described the group in English by saying that rather than being like the Beatles, they’re “seven normal kids who love music and performance, who have a dream to give hope and love and positive energy and inspiration to people in the world.”

Jimin spoke about what makes the group special, naming the relationship between the members and the relationship between them and their fans. Jungkook said, “The fact that we can send such a crucial message to the listeners is such a huge honor.”

J-Hope shared that their “Love Yourself, Speak Yourself” message is special to him too. “BTS has put out this message and shouted it out for our listeners. But in fact, it’s had a large influence on us as well,” he said.

Jin commented, “When I was a student, I couldn’t love myself. But as I started working in this profession, I received so much from a lot of people. So I started to give myself some love.”

V said, “People all around the world are going through difficult times. But the harder life gets, the more we have to brighten up and use these moments as ammunition to load up our optimism and drive.”

RM continued in English, “We all decided to just focus on what we could do best and that was still music and performance.” Suga said, “Despite these troubling times, I hope you can gain a little bit of strength and hope from watching our performances.”

BTS went on to talk about the meaning of “innovation” to them. RM described, “The word innovation for me sounds like a thrill, like ‘not explored.'”

Suga said, “To me, innovation means never stopping. I think the most important thing is that you are always changing. Never being comfortable. Always evolving.”

Jungkook said, ‘I think if you can personally realize something, even from the most modest achievements, that can also be a form of innovation.” Jimin added, “When working incessantly towards a challenge, the results, and the feeling of accomplishment from what is achieved.”

Watch the video below!

BTS is currently getting ready to return with their album “BE” on November 20, featuring the title track “Life Goes On.”

Congratulations to BTS!

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