AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi Opens Up About Gender Stereotypes + Living Without Regret

In a recent interview and pictorial for Arena Homme Plus magazine, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi shared his life philosophy and his hopes for the future.

After posing for the magazine’s December issue in an array of striking looks, Lee Dae Hwi commented, “I’ve posed for a lot of pictorials during my career as an idol, but I’d always had the urge to try one with a bold concept like this. Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to satisfy that urge. I wanted to look different from the usual Lee Dae Hwi by trying bold new hairstyles, makeup, and poses.”

The idol went on, “Even if others think it’s strange or unfamiliar, I want to continuously try new things.”

Lee Dae Hwi explained that he hopes to break past conventional stereotypes about gender, remarking, “When I take on a sexy concept, rather than a fixed idea of ‘manly sexiness’ or ‘feminine sexiness,’ I’d like it to come off as ‘simply Lee Dae Hwi.’ After all, this is 2020, isn’t it? I hope that people will look at all of these things with an open mind. My music, performances, and even this kind of photo shoot.”

He added, “I hope that in my generation, this kind of closed-mindedness will open up a little.”

While talking about AB6IX’s latest title track “SALUTE,” Lee Dae Hwi described the message of the song as “We’re not dead yet, and this is only just the start, so get ready.”

Mentioning that he is still working hard on improving his skills as both a vocalist and a songwriter, Lee Dae Hwi commented, “You only live once, so I want to do my utmost during my life. I want to live with no regrets, so that I’m able to look back and think, ‘I really worked hard in my life.'”

Finally, when asked what he personally believes in, Lee Dae Hwi confidently replied, “I believe in myself. If you’re sure of yourself, then even if your results aren’t great, you still won’t have any regrets. I’m only 20 years old, so what would I be afraid of?”

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