Highlight’s Lee Gikwang On How The Military Changed Him, The Group’s 11th Debut Anniversary, And More

Immediately after his recent military discharge, Highlight’s Lee Gikwang posed for Singles magazine!

He spoke about the lifestyle change he experienced after entering the military, sharing, “After living a dynamic life, living such a rule-based, scheduled life for the first time felt awkward and as if I had lost all my energy. However, it became a time where I could reflect on myself. Although it wasn’t some dramatic change, I do think my attitude and thought-process on life has shifted a bit.”

He continued, “I thought a lot about how my career was special, not myself as a person. While I’m a celebrity in a place where a lot of people recognize me, the military is not that kind of place. As I have such a special job, my desire grew to work even harder after I was discharged.”

As Highlight recently celebrated their 11th debut anniversary, the interviewer asked whether the members had congratulated one another. Laughing, Lee Gikwang answered, “There wasn’t anything special. Just ‘You guys have done well.’ What we talk about among ourselves is always the same. That we want to go on tour when COVID-19 is over. I think that must’ve been the happiest memory for all of us. I miss preparing for our concerts, meeting with our fans on stage, and getting together with our staff members after the concert.”

Lee Gikwang gave a similar answer when asked what he wanted to do most following his discharge, if it weren’t for the pandemic. He responded, “A Highlight concert. We basically set our own plans. Yoseob, Dongwoon, and I have experience holding solo concerts but only Doojoon doesn’t. I personally thought that was so regretful. That’s why we wanted Doojoon to hold a solo concert as soon as he was discharged so that we could hold an end-of-year concert as a group and then embark on an overseas tour.”

Although he wasn’t too active on social media during his military service, Lee Gikwang still uploaded a song he wrote onto his SoundCloud and sent fans letters. He commented, “The song I put on SoundCloud is a song I wrote which I performed at my last solo concert. I wrote it as a gift to fans who had to wait for me for one year and seven months.”

Regarding the letters, Lee Gikwang shared, “The letters honestly weren’t a big deal but because my fans liked them so much, I got excited and kept writing them. Although this is obvious, I’m always thankful to my fans. They’re like a tree that never stops giving. I still don’t know what makes them like, wait for, support, and love us, but I think it’s truly amazing that they’re able to give so much love and support to someone and are able to express that.”

You can check out Lee Gikwang’s full interview in the December issue of Singles magazine!

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