Update: Chungha's Agency Confirms She Tested Positive For COVID-19 + Chungha Shares Letter To Fans

Update: Chungha Postpones Upcoming Single And Album Releases

Updated December 7 KST:

Chungha’s agency has shared an additional statement regarding her positive test result for COVID-19 and addressing the spread of false information.

The statement reads:

This is MNH Entertainment.

This is an additional statement regarding the course of which the company’s artist Chungha was tested for COVID-19.

Chungha has been seeking rehabilitative training for her injuries including her shoulder muscles at a sports center in Seoul until recently.

She got rehabilitative training at this sports center last Wednesday (December 2) as well and first received news of a confirmed case that occurred at the center on Saturday (December 5).

In Chungha’s case, she did not receive notification from the quarantine authorities to get tested but she preemptively got tested upon receiving the news as many promotional schedules were set. As announced earlier, she tested positive.

After the news of Chungha testing positive for COVID-19, a series of speculations are in the air so we ask you to refrain from passing on unconfirmed false information.

Local authorities have launched an epidemiologic investigation regarding this matter and an accurate route of infection will be known after the investigation.

Meanwhile, we will fully cooperate and take necessary measures according to the quarantine authorities’ guidelines.

We once again express our sincere apologies for causing concerns for many of you.

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Updated December 7 KST:

Chungha wrote a post on her official fan café to reassure fans of her state.

She shared the following message:

Our Byulharang (Chungha’s fans), I’m leaving this post in case you get too worried if I don’t say anything~

I’m sorry and sorry again. I tried to be careful, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

I was also urgently notified today and just found out.

I’ll return again and promote in good health!

Our Byulharang should also be careful and careful once more!

Don’t worry too much, and let’s meet soon!!

Once again, I’m sorry.

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Original Article:

MNH Entertainment has announced that Chungha tested positive for COVID-19 and is in self-quarantine.

On December 7, the agency released the following statement on Chungha’s official fan café.

This is MNH Entertainment.

We announce that the agency’s artist Chungha has tested positive for COVID-19.

Chungha recently found out that she had come into contact with a confirmed case and voluntarily got tested. On the morning of December 7, the test results came out positive.

Chungha halted all of her activities and immediately entered self-quarantine, and she is taking the necessary measures instructed by health authorities.

The agency’s artists and staff who have crossed paths with Chungha have been tested or will be tested, and we will take follow-up measures as necessary once we [receive the results].

The agency will actively cooperate with the government’s policies and disinfect the headquarters, perform a general inspection for further potential infection, and do our best to manage all of our artists.

Chungha previously shared plans to release her first full album “QUERENCIA” on January 4. She has been revealing teasers for her pre-release single “X,” which was scheduled to be released on December 10. MNH Entertainment has not yet announced how her comeback plans will change.

We wish Chungha a speedy recovery!

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