Sunmi, Hani, YooA, And Chuu Talk About “Running Girls” Experience And Share Best Wishes For Chungha As She Recovers

“Running Girls” upped the excitement for its premiere with a press conference on December 8!

“Running Girls” is a new Mnet reality program in which female K-pop idols in their twenties become a running crew to seek out beautiful natural running courses in South Korea. It stars Sunmi, Chungha, EXID’s Hani, Oh My Girl’s YooA, and LOONA’s Chuu. Chungha was not able to attend the press conference as she was diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 7.

Sunmi said, “Chungha is a bit ill so she was unable to join us today. We’re going to work hard and make up for her absence.” Hani shared, “Chungha has kept saying that she is sorry. Chungha, don’t be sorry. I hope that you get well soon. Just focus on your health.”

YooA described the “Running Girls” crew as a family. “They are all such precious, beautiful, and cool people,” she said. Youngest member Chuu, who was said to be in charge of making the others smile, said, “I think I made many precious memories. I was really grateful.” She also added, “Chungha, I love you.”

Sunmi commented that she’d unintentionally ended up taking on the role of the “mom” of the group during filming. “However, I had a bit more of a heavy heart after the filming than I’d expected,” she went on to say. “I thought that the atmosphere would mainly be 20 year olds getting together and just having fun and eating delicious things.”

“However, once I got there, I realized why the production team had put the five of us together,” Sunmi continued. “All five of us were very earnest about everything.” She shared that rather than just completely enjoying it, she thought a lot about how she could give a boost of strength to the other members and what role she could play in order to make them more comfortable while filming.

“I became the ‘mom’ since I cook, and Hani is taking the role of the ‘dad,'” said Sunmi. “The atmosphere at the first filming was great so I enjoyed it.”

When asked if there had been any difficulties, Sunmi said that it had been a bit of a strain to run due to issues she has with her right knee. “I didn’t want to say anything, but when we were doing our final run, my knee popped out,” she said. “Thankfully, we weren’t sprinting from start to finish on ‘Running Girls,’ so it I could finish up running at my own pace.”

Hani shared that she had already loved running, so when she received the offer to be on the show she’d said it would be really great. “So [at the meeting] I shared ideas too and explained what I had felt while running and how I wanted to share that. However, I think that now I’m gaining something greater and bigger than running.”

YooA commented that even though she has many friends she can express her feelings with, she’d wanted to be on the show to make more friends. “I took part while feeling excited as I wondered who might become a precious friend to me,” said YooA. She also shared that she tends to just lie around at home without any hobbies, so she wanted to make running her new hobby through the show. Another of YooA’s goals was to keep fit by running.

Chuu said that she was hoping to meet seniors and older female friends whom she could ask for advice about life. She shared that she’d ended up meeting a new family.

“Running Girls” premieres on December 9 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

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