Lee Si Eon To Step Down From “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) To Focus On Acting

Lee Si Eon has announced that he’s leaving the cast of the popular MBC reality show “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”).

On December 9, Lee Si Eon made the announcement through the following post on Instagram:

Hello. This is Lee Si Eon.

It’s gotten very cold. Please take care of your health, everyone. Be careful about COVID-19 and don’t forget to always wear a mask.

The reason that I’m posting this message today is that I’ve decided to leave “Home Alone” after over five years with the show, making this my last year on the program.

I had a long discussion with the production team and expressed my hope to have time to devote myself a bit more to acting. After a lot of thought, we came to this decision together.

I have so many precious and unforgettable memories from “Home Alone.” I was able to have a truly happy time on the program thanks to the production team who always gave their support and showed their trust in me and thanks to the members whom I shared joy and sorrow with for a long time and who taught me about what is precious.

Also, I think I was very lucky to have been able to receive so much interest and love from viewers as the person Lee Si Eon, rather than just as an actor. When I look back on it, I think I just feel that everything was so valuable and I’m so grateful…

I will always remember the love you’ve given me through “Home Alone” and I’ll do my best so that I can show an improved version of myself through projects as an actor. Please keep showing more interest and love for “Home Alone” and the Rainbow Club members.

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MBC shared in a statement, “We express our gratitude to member Lee Si Eon, who has gifted everyone with joy thanks to his strong presence and big smiles.”

They added, “Although it is a shame, after the ‘Home Alone’ production team’s deep discussions, we came to this decision to respect the views of actor Lee Si Eon, who wants to focus on acting. We’ll hope for his continued success as an actor and cheer him on.”

It’s reported by SpoTVNews that Lee Si Eon has finished up his last outside filming and has upcoming filming in the studio. A source from the show stated, “His final episode will air on December 25.”

Following the news, there was speculation that Lee Si Eon was leaving “Home Alone” to get married to his girlfriend Seo Ji Seung. Maeil Business Newspaper reports that Lee Si Eon’s representatives have denied the rumors and stated, “As Lee Si Eon announced, he is leaving ‘Home Alone’ to focus on acting.” Seo Ji Seung’s representatives also denied the marriage rumors.

Lee Si Eon is currently acting in the drama “Cheat On Me If You Can.”

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