Watch: Im Siwan, Shin Se Kyung, Sooyoung, And Kang Tae Oh Tease Their Bold Personalities In

Ahead of its December 16 premiere, JTBC’s “Run On” has released a highlight clip!

“Run On” is a drama about people trying to connect with each other in their own languages after having lived in different worlds and at different paces.

The main cast of Im Siwan, Shin Se Kyung, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Kang Tae Oh revealed that they decided to star in “Run On” because of the atypical, fun script. The highlight clip features each character’s charms and previews some of their best lines. Check them out below!

Im Siwan: “Normally, it’d be the finish line. But today, it’s a person.”

Im Siwan plays Ki Sun Kyum, a former track and field athlete who once thought, “Only what is in front of you is precious and important.” However, he eventually discovers a new goal. After only living by the book, he’s introduced to Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung) who brings changes into his life. Ki Sun Kyum is fascinated by her and analyzes his new goal, commenting, “Normally, it’d be the finish line. But today, it’s a person.” After spending so much time chasing the finish line, this line captures Ki Sun Kyum’s innocent feelings towards Oh Mi Joo and his desire to chase after her.

Shin Se Kyung: “I want to solve it because it’s hard and I want to know it because I don’t.”

After watching a movie together, Oh Mi Joo and Ki Sun Kyum go out for drinks. While he considers it a date, she considers it a wrap-up. Although they speak the same language, their interpretations are all too different. As a foreign film translator, Oh Mi Joo is constantly evaluating the meaning of language. Regarding Ki Sun Kyum, she comments, “There are many times when interpreting something he said in our language is more difficult than translating a two-hour foreign film.” Since this is out of her field of work, her attempt to understand him is a sign of love in itself. By commenting, “I want to solve it because it’s hard and I want to know it because I don’t,” Oh Mi Joo is reflecting on her feelings.

Sooyoung: “Let’s fix that habit. I might grow attached.”

Sooyoung plays Seo Dan Ah, an ambitious sports agency CEO. When Lee Young Hwa (Kang Tae Oh) falls into the pool, she tells him, “The pool isn’t made for you to fall in, so get out.” He responds, “Smiling and being kind are my habits.” That’s when she comments, “Let’s fix that habit. I might grow attached,” before walking away. Although the line itself may not seem critical, it represents Dan Ah’s cool and aloof personality and her potential feelings for Young Hwa.

Kang Tae Oh: “I just want to pull her down.”

Unlike Dan Ah, Lee Young Hwa is a bright, kind, and popular art student who is well-known for his refreshing and charming personality. Even when Dan Ah warns him to stay in line, he boldly responds, “I don’t want to. Because I crossed the line, you came running.” As he becomes more aware of Dan Ah’s status and how elite and unreachable she is, he comments, “She’s so high I can’t even see her. I just want to pull her down,” confidently showing his desire to get closer to her.

Check out the highlight video!

“Run On” premieres on December 16 at 9 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

Watch Im Siwan in “Misaeng” below:

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