Watch: BTS Shares Behind-The-Scenes Stories About Making Their Album

BTS shared some fun behind-the-scenes stories from their work as project managers on their recent album “BE.”

On December 13, BTS shared a video of the seven members talking about the process behind their album “BE.” For this album, the members took part in several aspects of production, including the music, concept, designdirection, and more.

Using keywords drawn from a box, the group talked about what they’ve been up to, what a “daily life” means to them, how they made their decision to release an album during the pandemic, and how they split up their roles as project managers.

Jin said that V had taken on his role as visual director because he had wanted it, while Suga added that he had told Jimin to take the role of music project manager. Jimin said, “He didn’t even look at me when he said it. He said, ‘You should do it. Use this to listen to some music,’ and looked at the ground.” RM said that Jimin had helped them a lot and Jimin said, “I even wrote three title tracks. None of them made it, but I worked hard.”

Suga agreed that V and Jimin had gone through a lot and Jin said, “Asking the members for their opinion is a really difficult process to manage.” Jungkook chimed in, “I asked the group chat what they wanted to put in the music video, and only J-Hope replied.” Jimin also complained that there were members who didn’t listen to what he said and sent their songs directly to the company instead of sending them to him. However, he praised J-Hope for always being the one to respond and follow the instructions.

V said that he wanted to focus on “naturalness” as the visual concept and talked about trusting that the members would do well with their individual concepts. Jungkook quipped that he realized the importance of a good camera while directing the music video, but added, “It was more difficult than I expected. Even coming up with the synopsis was hard. It’s different from working on music.” As the styling project manager, J-Hope said, “The members had their own ideas for their own clothes and rooms. I do normally wear robes and gowns a lot at home.” V added, “With shorts and without a shirt.” J-Hope said, “That’s right. But I couldn’t not wear a shirt for the album.”

Suga, who worked on the album design, said that he wanted a clean, simple look to match the quiet, calm feeling of the music. Jin said that he wanted Suga’s painting to be part of the album cover, and Suga said that it had been included with the idea of making a “photo frame” for the album.

Check out the video with English subtitles below!

BTS released their album “BE” and title track “Life Goes On” on November 20.

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