Newly Debuted Musician Says He Wants To Make A Fresh Start On “The King Of Mask Singer”

On the December 13 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” eight new contestants arose to challenge Stove Cat on his quest for his seventh consecutive win.


The second match-up in Round 1 was between “Manhole” and “Black Hole,” who sang a duet of BewhY’s “Day Day (feat. Jay Park),” showing off their talented rap skills.

After the panelists voted 14 to 7 in Manhole’s favor, Black Hole sang HAON’s “Bar Code” and took off his mask to reveal himself as Choi Hwan Hee.

Choi Hwan Hee is the son of the late actress Choi Jin Shil, a popular actress who has remained in the public memory since her untimely death in 2008. Choi Hwan Hee recently made his debut as a singer and rapper under the stage name “Z.flat.”

Choi Hwan Hee said, “As an artist, as a singer, ‘The King of Mask Singer’ is a stage that you want to stand on at least once. I’m surprised that I could stand on such a big stage, and I was worried that I would make a mistake. But I want to be evaluated by the public for my skills and show my growth, so I got up the courage to appear on the show.”

About his late mother, he said, “I want to tell her that although it’s been a long time since she’s passed, I grew up living a happy and ordinary life and I have a lot of good friends and nothing to be envious of. I’m also really grateful to have found something I really like and be able to do that for my job. I am happy working hard on music, so I hope that she will watch over me from heaven and cheer me on.”

For his future goal, he said that he hoped to be recognized as more than his mother’s son. “I lived for 20 years as Choi Jin Shil’s son, the son of a celebrity,” he said. “As a child, I thought that was only obvious. But as I became an adult, and found a job of my own, it felt like the label ‘Choi Jin Shil’s son’ might stand in my way of becoming an independent artist. I am proud beyond words of my mother, but I want to make my own career outside of her shadow.”

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